Welcome to UO Phoenix!

Welcome to UO Phoenix! We are a pre-AOS free Ultima Online shard located in the United States, but we are like nothing you have experienced before. Unlike most pre-AOS servers which cater to PVP, we are primarily focused on PVM content. Our land mass is Felucca, but PVP has been limited to Buccaneer’s Den  and Guild Wars. This allows us to cater to casual players who are interested in challenging and rewarding content without all the griefing you find elsewhere.

This also allows players to co-exist on a single map and engage in PVP when they choose to. That choice provides a risk/reward dynamic for entering Buccaneer’s Den in pursuit of rewards not found anywhere else.

Other features include:

Bio-Engineered Evo Pets - A completely custom system designed specifically for this server enables the player to design and level their own distinctive pet. Between DNA selection and ability point allocation the number of possible combinations are virtually endless!

Postal Services - You may now send your friends messages and even items through the mail!

Painting System - The custom painting system allows players to create paintings and portraits of just about anything in the game! All paintings and portraits are signed by the artist and the possibilities are truly endless. Developed by our own team of developers and available here first!

New Dungeons - There are 3 fully custom dungeons, each with their own secrets, and two instanced dungeons intended for groups.

Enhanced Crafting - New items have been added to all crafting, including complex items requiring multiple components from varying disciplines.

Custom Rares - Rares have been added all throughout the lands. Some are daily rares anyone can pick up, and others are only obtainable with a swift hand and calm nerve.

Townhouses - A few select in-town buildings have been opened for purchase or rent. More will be released as demand warrants. Other buildings, such as councilor guild halls, may be made available for player guilds if requested. (See staff for details)

Directional Damage Procs -  Melee enjoys the occasional damage bonus depending on which direction they are facing relative to the monster, up to 2x for a well aimed back stab!

Enhanced Forensics - Players can now use the forensic evaluation skill on corpses found inside of dungeons and other popular hunting grounds to conduct a murder investigation. During phase 1 of this roll out, using the skill on a corpse will spawn the murderer, who has a chance to drop a rare named item.Phase 2 of this roll out will include an NPC which will give players a case to solve in a particular location for extra reward.

And lots more! New content has been rolled out each week since the server was launched in January. Check our Updates forums for more detail.  So what are you waiting for? Get started by downloading the client and joining us on discord!

IP Address: Port 2593 


Discord: http://discord.gg/sWkHf4n
No microphone required!!

To get started, download and install Razor and our UO Phoenix client. Open Razor and browse the location to the directory where you installed the client, then plug in our IP and Port. 

You can also watch this short video.

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I think the crates are great, not just to balance the economy, but also to give ...
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Now that I've released the first two loot crates and provided the prizes/odds on...
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Both are considered cruel but neither are considered a bug.
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Is this considered a bug or a glitch. One can hire and rename a mercenary as wel...
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I'm behind anything making armorsmithy more viable as a trade, but I want to nuk...
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In order to not lose any viability on mining for or crafting with heir tier ores...
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This would also mean that GM crafted "durable" plate tunic would be better than ...
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Hey everyone. I've been taking a break of sorts from UO but I haven't forgotten ...
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you should not be able to get a BOD with a skill below (70,1) imo the skill >100...
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