Welcome to UO Phoenix!

UO Phoenix is a brand new Pre-AOS free server dedicated to providing you with the best gaming experience yet! We feature the Felucca and T2A land masses only. But unlike traditional Felucca servers, most of our lands are set to a Trammel ruleset. There is PVP of course, but in dedicated areas designed to attract players of all types but limit the engagements to consensual combat. Guild and Faction PVP is enabled everywhere.

This means you are free to explore the lands without the threat of unprovoked attacks by other players, until you enter a PVP enabled zone (currently Buc's Den Only), where anything goes!

You may be thinking, why would I step foot in a PVP zone if I don't want to PVP? Good question! There are many reasons to enter these zones for items, rewards or quests you cannot find anywhere else. So those daring enough to face the risk reap the rewards, but they do so by their own choosing. 

Other features include:

Postal Services - You may now send your friends messages and even items through the mail!

Painting System - The custom painting system allows players to create paintings and portraits of just about anything in the game! All paintings and portraits are signed by the artist and the possibilities are truly endless. Developed by our own team of developers and available here first!

New Dungeons - There are 3 fully custom dungeons, each with their own secrets, and more to come!

New Quests - Custom quests of all degrees of complexity and difficulty designed exclusively for this server.

Enhanced Crafting - New items have been added to all crafting, including complex items requiring multiple components from varying disciplines.

Custom Rares - Rares have been added all throughout the lands. Some are daily rares anyone can pick up, and others are only obtainable with a swift hand and calm nerve.

Townhouses - A few select in-town buildings have been opened for purchase or rent. More will be released as demand warrants. Other buildings, such as councilor guild halls, may be made available for player guilds if requested. (See staff for details)

Town Invasions - Lookout! Monsters will periodically invade a player town and it is up to everyone to banish these vile creatures from our communities. 

Directional Damage Procs -  Melee enjoys the occasional damage bonus depending on which direction they are facing relative to the monster, up to 2x for a well aimed back stab!

IP Address: Port 2593 

Discord: http://discord.gg/sWkHf4n

To get started, download and install Razor and our UO Phoenix client. Open Razor and browse the location to the directory where you installed the client, then plug in our IP and Port. 

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6 hours ago MOD Abracadabra replied to the topic Unexpected and expected down times this week
I've decided to push the server maintenance back to Sunday at the same time inst...
18 hours ago Dewbacca replied to the topic Unexpected and expected down times this week
I have a big show tomorrow, so down time shouldn't be an issue for us.
19 hours ago Dewbacca befriended MOD Abracadabra
19 hours ago MOD Abracadabra created a new topic Unexpected and expected down times this week
Hello everyone  First I'd like to say thank you to the community for their pati...
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1 day ago Papi replied to the topic House cap
Thanks Jubei. I pass by that so many times and didn't notice it. lol
1 day ago Jubei replied to the topic House cap
There is a vendor mall, its just northeast of the big brit bank. Free rent even!...
1 day ago Papi created a new topic Paragon in Newbie dungeon.
Please reconsider this.  I got chased out and nearly died because of paragon spa...
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1 day ago Jubei replied to the topic Brit NPC Jewelers
Yeah it's a bug. Staff is aware of the issue and it will be fixed one day. So ...
1 day ago Papi replied to the topic House cap
A small vendor mall for now would be great and gradually increase its size depen...
1 day ago Jubei replied to the topic Aloha
Woohoo Catskills, represent!!
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Papi 27th Apr
Thank you Dewbacca
Dewbacca 27th Apr
Welcome Papi
Dewbacca 25th Apr
Dewy's tip'o the day, control-Q remembers the last thing you said in game. hitting it again cycles thru previous messages.
Dewbacca 25th Apr
Back up now folks
Dewbacca 25th Apr
Hiya snake, shard was down temporarily
Snake 24th Apr
the shard are down?
Snake 24th Apr
Dewbacca 22nd Apr
Dewy's tip 'o the day... use ;w for world chat
MOD Abracadabra 22nd Apr
eventually yea
Dewbacca 22nd Apr
Chat box cleared out?
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