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11th Nov 2017

Well, here I go again. Been playing UO off and on since 1999. I just cannot stay away..... 

I LOVED Pre-AOS, and it just died for me after that. Played on several old school shards, but most were PVP oriented, and I am just not into PVP. I have 8 kids, of which 5 love UO. If I like this shard, at least a few will likely follow me over. Hope to see ya'all soon! This may save me a TON of time setting up my own shard! 
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11th Nov 2017

Hey Nozgo welcome - you'll find that we are not strictly pre-aos but try to keep that feeling in place while including a few things out of era. I would encourage you to take the quest offered by the old gypsy lady at the inn. I swear when I read this message I thought you said "I have 8 kids, 5 of which I love" but then I reread it. Should probably get some coffee now....have fun!
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11th Nov 2017

Join us on the Discord channel.

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11th Nov 2017

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in game and in discord! It's a great place to ask for help and gain knowledge. We have a public library here that I tend to. Let me know when you make it in game and I'll show you where it is!

I'm Hibbi in discord as well!
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15th Nov 2017

Welcome. If you're looking to start up on the server let me know and I can get you a noobie bag to make the dexer life easier everyone rolls for their first character.
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