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15th Oct 2017

Standing in Wal-mart reading the back of my new found game I was excited. I hurry home unpackage my game and just can't seem to get the game into the cd drive fast enough, wwweeeerrrr goes my disk drive and the load begins. After what seemed to be forever I'm ready. (So I think) 
  Swinging a pick in Britt mountain pass the year was late 1997 and I had just put in a solid hour all is good. 3  2  1  What the hell? Big explosion. Pack horse goes running off deep into the woods. I give chas as fast as I can. "My ingots"  Catching up to my pack horse I am now being attacked so with pick axe in hand I attack back. I'm getting beat down faster and faster!  OOoooOO.  Standing helplessly I watched in horror my innocence being taken away from me item by item. You're not a "Newbie* anymore. 

  Since that time I had created a rough and tuff swordsman O and he was vile I tell you. Every Miner, Fisherman, lumberjack, I killed them,  Looted them and showed no mercy!  One A.M target in sight I jump "Wait" he said. Can I ask you question he asks. "Why" he said.
I really did not have an answer one other than it was done to me. Psychology 101 "Duh". We became great friends and later found out he was a companion. I believe he was 16-17 at the time. One evening in 98 he says to me "You know they are looking for counselors."
I was no longer a murderer. A few weeks went by I sent my credentials in interviewed and viola now I was helping people. Eventually as we all know we were relinquished of our duties. I remained  an outstanding member of the community always there creating some fun.

 Years have gone by and friends have passed. Many of a OSI shard did I play.   So if you see FunkyTown the mage tamer/ or MasterMo the fencer running around I have been gone for quite a spell and I have chosen you as my home.  I'm thirsty my friends. Stay thirsty amigos.
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Forum » Community » Introductions
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