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21st Jan 2017


Just curious how to re-gain access that used to link from the portal next to Brit bank?  That portal now seems to go to a Dev home and I would like to be able to revisit the dungeon.

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2nd Oct 2017

Is there still a New Player dungeon? I couldn't find the rune area mentioned here. Is there a public rune library in Britain?

HighMage [JUST started (shard)]
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4th Oct 2017

Hi HighMage, welcome to the shard. I disabled the new player dungeon when I installed the new player quest. I'd like to revamp that dungeon and roll it back out at a later point.
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5th Oct 2017

Welcome HighMage! There is a public rune library that I operate. It is in Magincia. Ask in world chat by using ;w in-game and I'm sure anyone would take you there. Or ask in discord.

Look for you in game!
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