Elder Gazer Tmaps + Paragon chest
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4th Jan 2017

Elder gazer loot tables seem bugged to some extent.  

When they drop a treasure map its only "Youthful" difficulty (Level 0, actually).  Thats below a plainly drawn map.

They should probably be dropping level 3 or 4.

Additionally their paragon chest loot is bugged.  I've gotten two paragon chests off them - Both had only one "plainly drawn" treasure map (Level 1), and nothing else.  No gold, no items, nothing.

The treasure map drop issue is here in the elder gazer script:

public override int TreasureMapLevel        {            get { return Core.AOS ? 4 : 0; }        }
 The zero should be 3 or 4.

This will automatically fix the paragon treasure map level, which by default is automatically calculated by the level of map a monster can drop +1, which is why we're seeing plainly drawn in the paragon chest.
Additionally this should also fix the loot found in the paragon chests off elder gazers. Seems that everything in the paragon chest is calculated based on the treasure map level of the mob it comes from.

The elder gazer is a medium to high difficulty mob -- for comparison it has lower stats than a demon, but higher magic skills. Demons drop level 4 maps.
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4th Jan 2017

Thansk Alc, this issue has been corrected as of 1/5/17
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