Healers and Tinker npcs
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22nd Apr 2017

Just a mention on healers in the wild... they seem to be dense in some areas, non existent in others. North of Minoc comes to mind with one healer for a very large area. Meanwhile near Brit there is a healer in the midst of a clump of monsters, should you choose to be ressed, you are killed instantly. I'll try to reply with coords on specifics. 

Also a healer npc in every town. Minoc again comes to mind as missing a Healer in town. 

Minoc, Delucia and Moonglow are all missing tinker npc's as well. Empty hut for tink in Del, Moonglow tinkers were renown for actually working out of the bank. 
Guild Halls

These are just tweaks of an otherwise smooth and complete world. Thanks for all you do Abra.

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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22nd Apr 2017

There is a tinker shop in Minoc. I'll think about the other towns but I think not every town needs to have every vendor. Healers on the other hand do need to be better dispersed, and to the extent you can give me some notes on coords I'd appreciate it.
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