Expansion of the Kill Quests
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23rd Feb

I think something cool to expand on the kill quests would be putting in one of two things: 

Dungeon Explorer Task: have a kill task the targets numerous mobs that are present in a particular dungeon. Weakest mobs have highest quantity to the strongest at lowest. 
Despise: Kill 20 Lizard Men
15 Ettins
15 Earth Elementals
15 Ogres
10 Acid Eles
5 Cyclops
3 Ogre Lords
Quest Complete, pay me!
This will help get people to go to other dungeons that arent as popular because they do not have high tier mobs to farm.

Other concept is similar, but take out specific dungeons. Just have a more extensive kill quest with random mobs.

Also, please, please, please, if possible, remove the need to click/target a corpse in order to claim it. Surely there is an efficient way to tie the kill to an autocounter using X fame value or whatever. I dont want to have to target the 70 mobs i just murdered.
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23rd Feb

oooh, like an LBOD--could make it rare and a bitch to complete with an awesome pay out

"kill navrey, a poison elemental, a demon, a executioner and 5x liches" recieve (rare)

I'm hijacking your thread: BTW abra, we've got tons of gold thanks to the champ spawns(and caleb), so if you replace the gold rewards with rare-ish bod type rewards, it'll bernie sanders some of the wealth we've accumulated to people that do monster contracts. Make the gold "trickle down", if you will.
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