Rare locations in Public Library
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Should rare locations be removed from the public library?


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11th Jun 2017

Hey everyone,

Back when I was marking runes for the public library, I did manage to stumble upon a few collectible rare locations. Since I was there anyway, I marked them and have made them available in the library.

It was recently brought to my attention that this may remove some of the adventure, status, and thereby value of those items. I thought I'd ask the community if ya'll would rather me remove the runes, or keep them in (they've been there since mid-February).

I'll say I have no "dog in this fight" one way or the other.

Also, I know I dont have ALL of them marked. Just the ones I stumbled upon while creating the books.
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15th Jun 2017

I also have little "dog in the fight" as I'm not an avid rare collector. I don't mind OWNING a rare or several, but I have little concern for their value, I just think they are interesting.

That said, they are "rare" and hard to obtain for a reason.

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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