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5th Jan 2017

I'm curious to see what sort of server birth rares are out there.

These are the ones I've found so far.  Abra hinted that the skinned deer possibly has a flipped variant that is either another server birth rare, or possibly a spawning rare somewhere.

If you want hints on how I've found most of these, the best tip I can over is to use CTRL + SHIFT when running around areas.  It allows you to see item tags inside rooms and stuff, and can sometimes make it quite obvious if something doesn't belong somewhere.  This isn't fool proof, as a lot of items will show up that can't be moved, but it does help.  The Jar and Pot were by themselves which made them quite easy to see.  The Skinned Deer was in the middle of Covetous level 1 which didn't really make sense, so as I was running past it I just absentmindedly tried to pick it up and was surprised when it worked.

Spotted the "maulding board" inside a house in Papua while running past CTRL SHIFT spamming.  Found the logs the same way in Delucia.

Happy hunting!
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5th Jan 2017

Lol, I got a Momento from Abra. I still have it in the Bank... Can I call it a Rare?
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