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17th Apr 2017

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me during my first few days on the server.  Names that come to mind are, Waki, Gandalf, Jubei ( I think that's spelled right), and any others who have helped with information and assistance.  I am working hard at taming. I am currently at 110 animal lore, 97 taming, 90 magery, 110 meditation, 90 evaluation intelligence, and 50 vet ( all skills are at 110 max cap, thanks to my wife, Selene for finding the Easter egg and trading in the power scroll for lesser versions).  I am gonna be looking to find a really good pet.  Specifically a dragon with high stats and resist.  If anyone can trade me one, or help me tame one, I would appreciate it greatly.  I wanna build one pet up to max stats through hard work, but sadly i have no peacemaking or musicianship. As a result I wont be able to tame one solo.  Anyways, thanks again for the help everyone.
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19th Apr 2017

I suggest just making a tamer with music and peace. Took what, like 3 days to get where you were at time of posting? What's another few days compared to OSI? With one of those dragons you will be able to tackle almost anything. That's worth waiting for, in my opinion! Good luck!
Forum » Discussions » General Discussion
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