The town invasion of Trinsic
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21st Jan 2017

           This is what I liked about the town invasion of Trinsic.

The town was invaded late Friday night and announced by some guy standing at the bank. The Phoenix militia banded together, cleared the town of the Undead ...and They stade dead! Did not respawn.

        When the boss showed up, it required a great deal of effort of the tamers and there Dragons.
Now the Boss spawned his own Evil Minions to help him.
That gave the dexers plenty to do.

       That point can't be over emphasized. I have been on plenty of champs on other servers...
When the boss shows up. The dexers could just go home. Because the dragons did all the work and got all the good loot. The dexers where left the scraps.

       However the town invasion last night left my dexer pumped and ready for the next invasion. Between the loot drop in our packs, power scrolls, cool red skull and the gold drop on the ground. Very cool.

       One more thing which I liked very much. The guy's I road with last night were top notch.
We split the gold drop...I have been in UO from 2005. I can't remember hunting partners splitting the loot after a champ.

      I joined this shard December 23, Hmm 28? Can't remember. So I'm like real new hear. The town invasion and the character of my hunting partners has locked me in here.  

Good Shard.

      Well, to much coffee in the morning makes me want to write. Sorry for the long winded review.

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