What are your thoughts on mining?
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12th Jan 2017

I like to work crafter's. Then use my own miner/Lumberjack for ore and lumber.

My concern is that mining as a skill, will be replaced buy giveaways such as mining carts.
Then there is AFK mining by bots. I used to call them AFK scripters.

I can put about an hour a night into mining. Then use that ore for my crafting.
 Not as  exciting as warrior but that just my way.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

There is a lot I like about this shard, I'm looking forward to building several crafters.

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12th Jan 2017

Well mining afk is a bannable offense. So is any sort of afk resource gathering, for that matter. So I hope we don't see any of that.
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15th Jan 2017

Yeah, mining/crafting skills are always welcome.
We just had a conversation about stones mining, and I said on Discord I would like to buy stones for crafting, as I don't have much time to manually mine a lot of them.
So let me know, i probably gonna buy stone
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18th Apr 2017

whats the mining cart do?
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18th Apr 2017

Thoughts on mining...
I need to do some.

I'm not certain on the mining carts or other "enhancements", but afk mining is illegal and should not be a concern.

As for mining "bots", macroing is a useful tool to avoid repetitive clicking and if attended should not be frowned upon. I will not risk carpal tunnel to satisfy someone else's idea of "fair gaming".

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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