fisher archer mage for solo play
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10th Feb

in my opinion every build should be self sufficient, or at last i like mine where 
i'm going to try this, i'm not sure if stat and skill are optimal 

str 80
dex 80
int 65
magery 100
res spell 100
archery 100
tactics 100
anatomy 100
healing 100
fishing  100

my goal is soloing everything can be found in the open sea
archery and healing are the first source of dps and heal, magery is like a toolkit can add dps with a summon or backup healing cure poison / res gate etc etc..
what do you think?
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10th Feb

im playing a mage/archer/tamer atm, and carrying aides, regs and arrows is a real buzz kill. You'd be able to carry 2k gold before getting encumbered at 80 str.

The stats im using are 95/80/50. 50 int to be able to cast any spell, 80 dex because I figured there'd be a healing/swing speed break point around there, and 95 str for the above reason. The 50 int is really usefull--I've rezzed 3 times now, for example, but there's no way I'd be able to do things like suppliment vet with greater heals or shit like that.
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Forum » Discussions » Player VS Monster
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