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8th Jan

1) consider removing item decay in houses.  I'm not sure how people store "stacks" of stuff that are very heavy; the "old" way used to be to lock down a container, which would not lock down items inside but would allow for unlimited weight, so you could store your thousands of stones of reagents and such.  Storage here seems very limited; I love custom houses but suspect I'll be saving for a castle so I can simply afford to store all of the various weapon types I've found, the deco, etc.

2) phoenix and hiryu are unfortunately pretty useless as pets for more than a week or so.  Evo's outclass them pretty early on.  Consider making them 3-slot pets, and/or giving them some abilities.  At the very least, both should have a high armor and should be immune to most poisons.

3) monsters should destroy items in their path.  There are some cheesy ways to "trap" monsters in the wild right now.

4) consider eliminating scrolls of transcendance for non-difficulty-based skills, like Arms Lore and Spirit Speak.  In fact with the rate of skill gain on this shard, there are just a very small few of these scrolls that would save more than a few minutes time.

5) examine the weapon damage code.  To my super non-coder eyes, it looks like:

Quotea) ruin --> vanq bonuses are adding their 1-9 damage to the base weapon damage (which is fine and era-accurate)
b) ruin --> vanq bonuses are also adding a percentage bonus, 15% to 35%, which is not accurate to era and is also double-counting if my read of (a) is correct
c) Exceptional weapon bonuses are a percentage bonus (20%) rather than a fixed value (4) like in era
d) Exceptional weapon bonus (20%) is being added twice
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9th Jan

1 - In order to store higher weights you want to secure the container, not lock it down. That will allow free movement of the items and unlimited weight while restricting to 125 items (all containers). That's not custom to this server, that's just how it's been for a very long time.
2 - Agreed tamable pets could probably use some revamping in light of evos, which came out afterwards.
3 - Noted - and against TOS just fyi
4 - Noted
5 - I'd have to dig into the code to confirm all or part of this. I can say some of it rings true and some of it I question.
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9th Jan

I don't see where (3) is forbidden, unless you're considering it a "glitch". Blocking monsters has been a part of UO from launch through the T2A/UOR eras. Might want to update this for clarity.
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