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10th Sep 2017

I think a really cool idea to help boost crafters a litttle and also make a little more interaction between players would be making boats a crafted item only, no vendor sale.

The process would still begin with the Ship merchant, where you purchase a Purchase Order.

Once you aquire the Order, you now have to obtain different crafter's services to procure a finished ship. Some of the itema could be:

Carpenter: craft the boat frame, could be the most expensive portion of the craft and require the most raw materials.
(To extend the need of a gatherer, make dragon boats take a special lumber that a lumberjack would have to farm for them)

Tailor: to craft the sails for the ship and weave ropes for the ship.

Blacksmith: Mold cleets and an achor as well any other misc items you can think of.

To make it even more inspired and involved, if you were able to make different tiers as a show of status and prowess, would give people something to show off. Small boat being most basic, standard color. Larger boat, different color, maybe a grey, as you go up, they get nicer in aesthetics. Reaching top tier - Etherial skin!! Woot

The upper tier crafts would require more and more rare resources. Smithy would use valorite, agapite, shadow, etc for crafting components. Tailor....well, is a tailor. Carpenter, would have to use a special harvested wood to craft with.

Abra recently removed the special lumber drops because we had no need. This can be revisted
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2nd Oct 2017

Something similar to this is already underway. However it won't be exactly as described and boats will still be available for sale by NPC for those who don't want to go through the effort. Currently my plan is to enlarge the hold for crafted boats. I'll consider how I could incorporate hues, but I don't really want to include more materials (I'd have to rework the menus) or enable special woods for just one relatively small craft. You'd end up with a surplus of useless colored wood over time.
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