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Monster Contract deed and Bulk Order deeds are currently *character* based.  That is, you request one of them and then a timer is reset for that character and you have to wait some number of hours for that character to be able to get one again.

Since all characters in an account can receive these, there is an incentive every 6 hours to log in and out 10 times (2 accounts x 5 characters each) and request all of these Contracts and BODs.  This is incredibly tedious, not fun, and prone to client errors.

I would recommend these timers be *account* based.  To make up for going from the potential of 5 deeds per account, to 1 deed per account, you could consider increasing the amount you can receive at one time.  For example, maybe the request gets you 3 or 4 or 5 deeds all at once.  Or, maybe you reduce the timer to every hour, so people can grab one at the beginning and end of an hour-long play session.
Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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