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15th Nov 2017

I love the new ability to turn in a bod and get a new one, but I am getting a large amount of Large weapon bods, they are completely useless and no one ever fills them because the 6 small bods are worth more to just fill and turn in rather than compile them up for one LBOD that has very very little reward. Can we remove them?

Second I think it would be a great gold sink to have a way to upgrade a regular small or large bod to Exceptional. It is such a let down when you get a bod you have been waiting for months for and its just normal. it's like a kick to the nads. 

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15th Nov 2017

For the first part, I think removing them kinda takes the value away from the more desirable bods. It'd be better to develop some sort of incentive for those.

For the second part, we have discussed this and I've got a ticket in for it.
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15th Nov 2017

The only "devils advocate" I can play here is that the BOD timer is based on how much skill your toon has. So I have .1 tailor and smithy on all my toons so that they can all collect "trash" bods for my real crafter to make and turn in for exceptional ones. These characters only have to wait an hour for a bod vs the 3 hours for my high level crafter.

If you implement a way to turn regular into exceptional- you'd also be implementing a way to farm bods faster in general in a way. Although, this would turn into a greater gold sink- so perhaps it's a non-issue.

Just my two cents. Personally I'm all for the idea. Just a thought form the other side I had.
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28th Nov 2017

Is there any way to adjust the percentages for receiving colored armor at higher levels? I just recycled 15 bods with an Elder Smith and got 0 colored bods in return, let alone a single useful one. I don't get a ton of time to play and when I do I'd like to be able to work towards filling colored large bods. As it stands I have repeats of colored smalls I don't have larges for and I have repeat colored larges that I have no smalls for. It gets frustrating when I manage one colored bod a week and it turns out to be a shield, or another 10pc dull copper ringmail tunic. And although I don't have a spread sheet with numbers, I can tell you that my lower level smiths get colored bods more often than my Elder Smith for some odd reason (But I'm working on fame through bods with my Elder Smith so I want to turn them in with him. I know this because he was getting nothing so I turned a bunch in with my lower smiths and they were getting colored bods. My GM Smith is somewhere in between).
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30th Nov 2017

"Is there a way to adjust the percentages for receiving high level bods?"

Probably but I'm not sure I'd want to . This is the RNG at work, and although your experience hasn't been favorable thus far, it doesn't mean it won't be at some point or that another's might not be overly favorable. So we have to be careful with any adjustments we make like that. With that said I understand the point and I'll take that as something to think through.

"I can tell you that my lower level smith gets colored bods more often than my elder smith..."
There is a bit of code in there that says that if your skill is above 70.1 you have a chance for a LBOD, and then that chance scales the higher your skill is. But that doesn't say what kind of BOD it could be. So I think you've kinda hit on something here we can use to address the first question, in that we might scale the chance for a better BOD on skill level, such that an Elder Smith has a better chance to obtain such a BOD than a lower skilled smith. Doesn't mean it'd be guaranteed either, but that might help address the concern here. What do you think?
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5th Dec 2017

you should not be able to get a BOD with a skill below (70,1)
imo the skill >100 should give you a chance to receive higher material BODS

for example... 70,1 - 100 plain leather/cloth iron-shadow
100 - 110 spined leather // shadow-gold
110-115 horned leather // gold-agapite
120 barbed leather // aga-valo
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