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7th Dec 2017

Hey everyone. I've been taking a break of sorts from UO but I haven't forgotten about this server =).  I've been messing around with 7 Days to Die and a system in that game gave me an idea for this game.

In that game (a survival type) you must craft things like bows, axes, shovels etc to assist you on your adventure. You are able to combine 2 axes to form 1 "better" axe. Then that axe and another to form an even better axe. So on and so forth.

That gave me the idea of UO Phoenix and the Path of Virtues quest line- where you take multiple vanquishing weps and turn them in for higher tier rewards.

What if the same thing was implemented for crafting?  This would allow staff to set a "cap" on a maximum AR, Damage, Durablility, etc crafting items in game. Looting would always be invulnerable, indestructible, Vanquishing....however maybe crafters could build things 1-3 tiers above that.

As it stands now, I can craft weapons/armor that are better than invulnerable/vanquishing and I only have a Bronze runic hammer and horned sewing kit. If I'm already better than invuln/vanquishing on OP is golden, agapite, verite, and valorite hammers going to be?  We'll have blackthorn swords running around everywhere!

My proposal is this:

Allow smiths, bowyers, carpenters, tailors, tinkers (for butcher knives, cleavers, etc) to combine EXCEPTIONALLY crafted items together to "level" or tier them up. For example:
  • Combine 20 exc plate tunics to form 1 Plate tunic of Defense
  • Combine  1 exc Plate tunic of Defense with 40 exc plate tunics to form 1 plate tunic of Guarding
  • Combine 1 exc Plate tunic of Guarding with 60 exc plate tunics to form 1 plate tunic of Hardening
  • Combine 1 exc Plate tunic of Hardening with 80 exc plate tunics to form 1 plate tunic of Fortification
  • Combine 1 exc Plate tunic of Fortification with 100 exc plate tunics to form 1 late tunic of Invulnerability
Follow the same line of thought for all armor lines and all weapon lines with Ruin, Might, Force, Power, Vanquishing. The crafters exceptional bonus would stack on top of the modifier (defense/hardening/etc) thus rendering the end product better than lootable armors.

In this way- people aren't RNG grinding for BODs to hope for the LBOD and all the SBODs to go with it in order to get runic hammers that will then instantly craft items better than lootable gear. Instead crafters spend their time CRAFTING and combining to level up items.


My proposal is instead code each runic hammer to add to your exception craft chance:
  • Dull Copper adds 15% exc chance
  • Shadow  adds 20% exc chance
  • Copper adds 25% exc chance
  • Bronze adds 30% exc chance
  • Golden adds 35% exc chance
  • Agapite adds 40% exc chance
  • Verite adds 45% exc chance
  • Valorite adds 50% exc chance
Add the same in for tailor runics....and once fletcher tools/carpentry tools come out.

Possible Ramificaitons?

Currently if you have a Bronze runic hammer you must use bronze ore to craft with. Well what if I HATE brown armor!?!? (wwwwaaaaahhh). Well if the above is implemented, you could have iron colored all the way up to  valorite colored armor that is better than lootable without having to wait around on a runic hammer. (instead wait around to mine that many ingots, HAH).

Anyway. I don't know what kind of nightmare this might be to code. But it's just a thought I had. Might be a dumb one- but thought I'd toss it out there.
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7th Dec 2017

This would also mean that GM crafted "durable" plate tunic would be better than looted durable tunics, etc. So it puts the "power" into crafters which will add viability to all levels of crafting. Whereas currently; crafteable wares are not better than looted until after you get bronze+ runics
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7th Dec 2017

In order to not lose any viability on mining for or crafting with heir tier ores- what if the different ore values added to the durability of the crafted item?

Iron +0 Durability
Dull Copper +15 Durability
Shadow +20 Durability
Copper +25 Durability
Bronze +30 Durability
Golden +35 Durability
Agapite +40 Druabily
Vertite + 45 Durability
Valorite +50 Durability

POF could stack on top of this as well to add a bit more to each ore level. Thus, if you liked the way that iron looked that'd be OK. You'd take a hit on max durability, but still be able to have something that was better than lootable invulnerable armor.
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