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26th Feb 2017

This post will serve as the ongoing list of development fundraising campaigns and what they include. Suggestions submitted to this forum will be up for consideration for these stones, but may also be implemented without fundraising where appropriate. The price per development feature reflects the relative difficulty of the implementation or scripting involved and is meant to weight the choices so that the backlog is not overwhelmed. Please see the stones located behind West Britain Bank for the current amount collected to date. Completed fundraisers will typically be added at the next update cycle barring unforeseen complications.

  • Directional Damage - 8,000,000 gp
  • This feature provides damage procs to melee weapons depending on where the player is standing relative to the monster. Damage can be up to 2x for a well aimed back stab.
  • Referral Coins & Rewards - 5,000,000 gp
  • This system would give the player referral reward tokens which could be spent at a vendor for unique items for referring players to the server. This would constitute a revamp of the current system which only gives out a blue half apron currently. Both the referred player and the referrer must spend at least 48 in game hours, have logged in within the last 7 days, and is limited to unique IP addresses.
  • Test Center - 20,000,000 gp
  • This would provide the players with a test server to log into and try out different skill configurations, buy and try different vendor items, and participate in feature testing ahead of production implementation.
  • Treasure Chest Rares - 10,000,000 gp
  • This would add some rare items to high end treasure chests to provide extra incentive for treasure hunters.
  • Powerscroll Exchange System - 6,000,000 gp
  • This system would allow players to exchange their powerscrolls for points which could be used to purchase a random higher level powerscroll. 

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Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas Locked
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