Display Case Addons [Scripts + Pics Included]
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15th Jan 2017

Been playing around on my local server and thought it would be cool to create some display case addons to be used in houses.  These aren't as functional as the official display cases because those are quite a bit more complex, but they work fairly well and items "sit" inside of them nicely.

There are two versions, the Display Case, and the Large Display Case.

Would be a cool addition to carpentry/gold vendor/whatever.  

You'll probably be happy to know that these display cases do away with the "Display Case South" "Display Case East" nonsense.  There is only one deed for each (Regular and Large) and when you use the deed a gump pops up asking you to select which direction you'd like.

I'll attach the .cs file here in a zip so Abra can consider implementing them if he likes.  If people are happy with this, I'd be happy to create some more.  Feel free to leave some suggestions for what you'd like to see as an addon.  Obviously Abra ultimately has the final decision on how or if they're ever implemented.

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15th Jan 2017
Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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