Durability and Repair on cloth
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22nd Nov 2017

Ravenwolfe and I recently confirmed that currently cloth does have a durability rating to it that isn't showing. So if you have special cloth items (wipe 2017, 4th of July, picture day, etc)......That clothing IS breaking at this very moment. I'd suggest you take it off. Repair deeds do not work to repair cloth items

I'd ask staff to consider either:

  1. Make cloth invuln so we don't have to worry about it. Would this action fix all existing cloth or would it have to be on a 1 on 1 basis?
  2. Fix cloth to show it's durability and allow repair deeds to fix it.

P.S. We discover d this because I was getting a message that my equipment needed repair....however all my leather was in good shape. So I took off my "Haven't wiped since January 2017" skirt and stopped getting the message. Raven looked and said the item was at 0/0 and the next hit I took would have destroyed the item [e puke. Lol
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23rd Nov 2017

What? This's crazy... Why clothes have durability at all? It's not like it's something that gives you boost or bonuses, why not just remove this option from clothes?
First time I'm hearing such a thing from all the shards I've played on, is it something programmed in the mechanism of the game?

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24th Nov 2017

Obviously not intentional and I believe this got addressed.
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