Enticing folks to buccs den
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25th Oct 2017

A couple of ideas to lure people to buc's den more often:

  • Make the gold purchasable leash come with no, or few charges. Then make it to where you recharge them with the translocation powder. This will bring more people to bucs to farm the fungus. Perhaps have an additional item you have to purchase in order to put the powder on the leash (a tool or something- more gold sink). Then people can put as many, or as few, charges on their leash as they want. Risk of super charging it and getting pk'd and losing it with all those charges versus charging it only a little but having to go back to bucs more often.
  • Instead of letting monster contracts be free, put that NPC in bucs beside the Doubloon vendor and make him accept 100 doubloons in exchange for a contract. I would up the drop rate for a Slayer deed even more though if you did that.

Neither of these items are "essential" (as in you can play the whole game without them). However they're things everyone gets all the time. Attracting these players to bucs in order to farm the fungus for doubloons and/or powder should open up more pvp and even thief options.

Imagine stealthing the tombs trying to steal that pile of fungus, or doubloons, or gold that the unsuspecting adventurer has on them as they fight an ant!

And this is from a person that does not do (and really hates) PvP lol. But seems like a good way to get people there which I've heard Abra ask for ideas on.
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25th Oct 2017

I think both of these would just lead to folks choosing not to use them rather than spending time there as intended. No one really needs a pet leash any more than they need a bag of sending, and I'm not sure those are widely used. I also intend monster contracts to give new players something to get engaged in quickly and that can't be the case in Bucs.
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