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17th Dec 2017

I think everyone enjoys the Friday night invasions, but the rest of the week seems a bit uneventful. We do the occasional special prize hunt but are there any other events you'd like to see us do on a regular basis? I'm looking for things I can script into a system, not something I need to manually control or plan each week. If there's anything you've seen elsewhere that would be fun to try here let me know.
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19th Dec 2017

Maybe something like the invasion but full of mobs and without a boss (maybe be some mini-bosses), doesn't has to be in a city, even a custom dungeon... but everyday there's a different spawn, just to diversify the game a bit.
So this way, you never know what will be inside, and they just keep respawn every X minutes like a regular dungeon, but every day something different... can be cool.
Sometimes it's hard to find what to do new, and many times we're wondering where to go and what to kill.

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Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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