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10th Feb 2017

I know forensic eval is in its infantsy, so i speak not judgingly of it, but as a supporter of its growth!

Leveled it up to GM last night. Killed a brigand, an orc mage, a terathan warrior, a bone knight, and no spawn on 90-GM discovery. That was it....seemed slightly lack luster, but i imagine this is mostly just testing scripts before implementation of the true program.

Some things that i feel could make the skill more appealing and useful:

Give exclusive drops for this skill: Novelty deco items on their own tiny drop percent. Items like Farmer Jessup's attire (murder weapon, bloody apron, colored skull w/ candle, whatever. Another nifty exclusive drop idea - similar to Scout Spyglass, but you use it and it says if/general direction a Champion is spawned.

I.E. - Use it in Brit and champ is in Despise, it would say something like "This creature bears the mark of (Champion's Name), who was last seen to the (direction relative to your char) North.    It could be Despise, it could be Wind, so not absolutely giving it away, but makes the 100 points valuable. This is also not a guarenteed drop.

Since the mobs prob share a same global loot system, id suggest spawning a small wooden box with them that had its own loot system ( like treasure chests when t-hunting).

Add in NPC quests similar to the kill quests we have. Adds a little extra cash for your effort. "A man has been reported missing and was last seen traveling to (town)" Get a scroll like kill quest and once youvr ID the body, you can use scroll to claim it.

Possibly add its own currency system for special trinkets.
If mobs cant drop special deco items as mentioned earlier, make so we can purchase with special currency. But make it a hard status token to come by.

Food for thought.
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Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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