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24th Jun 2017

Ok I know there are several here that prefer other templates than tamer....but I happen to like them =D

I played another server for YEARS before it finally went down due to a failing player base. One of my favorite pets on that server was an "Ice Wolf"

This wolf was tameable on ice isle. It would attack when you came near it.

It's stats were 125 str, 125 dex, 125 intelligence (once fully trained). That leads me to a pets gain str/dex/int on this server like they do on OSI until they reach the 125 cap?

What made me love them is they required 1 follower slot, were pack animals, and they had a chance to paralyze their target on attack- kind of like the "paralyze punch" wrestlers get for a special ability.

I would love to see these animals implemented. Full disclosure, like all my other suggestions.....this is due to a personal desire. I have a "pirate" toon that I'd love to have a pack of dogs to hunt with (as roleplay). For the time being I'm going to level a pack of hell hounds!

I'd suggest a cap of 125 str, 125 dex, 125 intelligence (as above)....hitpoints 150 minimum to 200 maximum. wrestle, tactics, anatomy as skills.

Make them a 108 taming required animal- so that players would have to use at least a 110 tame scroll.

*prepares self for riotous rebuttals on how tamers are OP already*
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25th Jun 2017

Are they PACK wolves?

Ohh wait, I thought this was for the 115 tamable. Wolves seem low powered for that level required, so had some concerns.

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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25th Jun 2017

Dew, I believe you played the server I referenced above. What made the wolves so viable (and fun!) was the paralyzing blow. 5 wolves attacking each with a chance to paralyze meant their prey was incapacitated 70%+ of the fight. They were almost always 1 shotted if the enemy got a hit in, but usually you could get them vetted and back in the fight before the other 4 fell.
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