Inscribe Bonus to Other then Offensive Spells
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10th Sep 2017

With the new development of enhanced spell damage via inscribe, it got me thinking. Why stop at offensive only?

Ressurect: GM insribe gets you a res at 10% hp and mana.
105 gets 25%, 110 50%, 115 70% 120 90%. Food for thought.

 If possible ( No idea if so) give beneficial spells bonuses too when you have like 110+ inscribe. 
Arch Protection: poison immunity. 
Bless: increased regen of all stats. Hp/Stam/Mana.

Reactive armor also gives spell reflect effect. 

Each of these spells could be milestones via inscribe power scroll progression. Bless regen at 105, arch prot poison immune at 110, etc.
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11th Sep 2017

Just to let you all know. I read every suggestion, I probably wont reply much since Abra makes the decisions and I just make them happen

I didn't want you to think I'm ignoring you, but I prefer to read and discuss privately with Abra.

I did want to make a comment about the Resurrect. The Compassion Virtue will allow you to res with a percentage of HP based on your virtue level. So, just wanted to make sure you knew there is a mechanism for that already.
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