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19th Dec 2017

There's a script I have called Kudos that awards tokens for time spent online. It's entirely passive, meaning you could just be online and bank sitting and still collect these in your bank box for every minute you're online. I decided not to use them in the past because I felt we didn't need yet another currency to maintain, plus in my mind what would it matter if we had 100 clients online if only 10 of them were playing?

But I've been thinking about this lately that sometimes perception is reality. I've said many times now that when players are online it attracts more players, just as when they're not online it repels them. So even though many of the accounts wouldn't be actively playing, what difference is that really from an account macroing all day? The point is presence; making sure it's clear that there is an established player base here and we'd like to see it grow. 

As for the Kudos, I'm thinking there can be a method for converting them to referral coins as a reward. Or I could just award straight referral coins to cut out the middle man, but either way I need to adjust the prices for the items on that vendor plus come up with a WHOLE LOT MORE worth while items to make that make sense.

That's where you come in. I need to know what kinds of items you'd be interested in that would motivate you to remain online as much as possible. I also need to know how long is too long. In other words, for the absolute top of the line best item, how long should it take to save up enough coins to obtain that, assuming you don't spend any coins on anything else?
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19th Dec 2017

That's a cool idea, I can see your point of perspective on this one, when new player joins and don't see anyone online, he might leave within couple minutes if he's a team player. I'm up for the idea.
Regarding the reward, yes, the referral vendor is not doing much atm, I've yet were able to collect any coins and I'm playing for a long time here.
The rewards should be something valuable, as not everyone can keep their computer on all the time and it requires to allocate resources/ram/time/electricity and so on... just to keep your accounts online. So the reward should be something desirable and good, not sure what tho, I feel like we've a lot of collectibles, rares, clothes, decos... so really not sure.

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