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10th Dec 2017

Now that I've released the first two loot crates and provided the prizes/odds on the wiki for reference, let's talk about how interested everyone is in these. The fact is coming up with these tables were hard, not only to make them enticing enough for people to want to take the risk but also balanced enough so that if you lose, you still may walk away with something nice. But with this inevitably and unavoidably comes my influence on your (the players) market, which I have tried hard to avoid up until now. 

For example, at this point we can say that 1000 donation coins are worth no less than 50k, because you could win them for just 50k and of course you wouldn't sell them for less than you paid for them. That's influence. Hamster said in discord that 3000 donation coins were worth like 10 mil gold. Well consider that the whole point of these loot crates is to bring down inflation and strengthen the value of gold. In that case perhaps it's a good thing there's another source for these (albeit small odds) to level off the inflated value. Over time as these crates are purchased, gold is sunk, presumably donation coins are won, this has a balancing effect. We can't expect any of this to happen over night, but that's the direction we're heading with on these.

So with all of that said, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the current loot crates as well as suggestions for future loot crates. Think big and small here guys. Maybe we need a 10k crate? Maybe we need a 1mil crate? Now that you understand the structure I've decided on it'd be helpful to think through both the win and lose options as well, such that if you lose you may not lose all of your value.

A good example: 50k loot crate could win a random bulk reagent deed, which are worth anywhere between 75k(win) and 45k(lose). 
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10th Dec 2017

I think the crates are great, not just to balance the economy, but also to give people some other purpose except farmin for powerscrolls.
I don't mind to lose some in order to win some, like everything in life... risk/reward.
The items are cool, I like them, even the lower items as house decorations are really nice.

I think you need to add more items, even small items.... the more items there's the chances decrease to win something = more gold people will spend.
Which means, you've a purpose to hunt, play, do dungeons, contracts, quests to get gold, in order to buy the items you want... the less items there's the bigger the chances to get it, and after a while people will stop buying them cause they'll get what they want.
Or to combine the two crates into one, because in my opinion no one will buy the 50K crate (except new players), for exp, I bought only 100K cause in those are the items I want.

About Ideas for more items, here are couple ideas:
  • A Pet dye tube for 1 time use on any pet.
  • A Skin dye.
  • Trash can/chest that you can carry on your char.
  • Weapon/Clothes bless deed.
  • Unique colorful weapons/armor drops (similar to the Forensic Eval items).
  • Random Slayer deeds.
  • Different clothes with the same bright colors (not just hooded robes), like cloaks, robes, shirt, hat, boots, sandals, body sash etc... so you'll need to collect a set of cloths to wear = more gold.
  • Beard dye tube (there's only a dye for hair).

There's a huge list of rares you can look at this website RARE, if you scroll down to "Sorted By Year/Season", there's a lot of links sorted by years with a bunch of rares.

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