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7th Feb 2017

So we have the casino to blow our hard earned cash, and thats great and all. But how about a blast to the past, a Link to the Past to be exactly! For you old school gamers, remember that Zelda minigame where you had 20sec to dig a big ass field looking for goodies (really just the piece of heart).

My idea is to incorporate something similar. Section off an area and put a stone or vendor or whatever that initiates the event for 1 player. Cost can be like 2k a pop

(I think this would be better as an X amount of uses instead of X amount of time)

You get 10 shovel uses or whatever you decide is best. You go around and dig up areas in the sectioned area. Some attempts straight fail, others have a chance to pop up an item. Have different prizes, not just the big prize, but other small things like bag of 20 each reg, iron ingots, decorative stone, some nicer things like semirare decos, like from fishing, 2k gold, 5k gold. To rare items, Pscrolls, sending baskets, etc.

The idea is to be a money sink, but with a chance to get some cool stuff.

I have attached a screenshot below for reference for all the youngsters who dont know the aforementioned zelda game.

P.S. if incorporated, i request a patent fee of 8% of all proceeds be wired to the "Murmurs Needs a Bigger House Foundatiob"

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7th Feb 2017
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