Monster Contracts
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6th Oct 2017

Heya boss, I know you want a well articulated request here, but I am short time and got work to do.

Monster Contracts.  Not sure if they are designed to be done solo or not, but it appears that way, so there's that.

Make it possible for anyone in a party to be able to claim the body with the contract, no matter who got the killing blow as long as they were in the same party.

Loving the monster contract/quest style thing, it gives us something to do and work towards.  But very irritating when we have to keep handing the contract back and forth so we can claim the body.  Ya'll may not be used to groups playing on here yet, but personally I think that will help in the future when you do, like mine.

Anyways, peace!
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7th Oct 2017

I've added this to the backlog but I'm not certain it's possible. We'll just have to try and see
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