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7th Feb 2017

We all have our usual farm routes and they are pretty common across the board... destard drags, shame blood eles, yew liches, balrogs, w/e. This leaves a lot of cool content just...wasted. like the orc fort by Yew, the brigand camp along the skara/yew path, any desert in the game, lots of islands in the ocean.

Some ideas to increase desire to visit these camps:
Have chances for special mobs/events to spawn in these camps (no dungeons, just surface camps). No announcements, just have to visit the camps to see.  Increase the need/desire to travel by road from town to town by allowing chance spawns on all those nifty, uninhabited guard posts along the road. Even if it was done like a treasure chest when you run by, you get a 3-5sec prompt and BOOM a shit ton of stuff ambushes.

Have a "longevity" bonus. The longer a mob has been alive, the higher gold output and/or higher global droprate. Im not talking 1-3 hrs untouched and BAM you get 50% more cash. Im suggest a reasonable growth ratio that makes going to kill a bunch of orcs at the orc fort actually not a complete waste of time.
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7th Feb 2017

Sounds like an interesting Idea.
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22nd Apr 2017

Sounds like the reason [Paragon] monsters were introduced and here they are just meaner versions of the same monster. No extra cash or anything.

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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22nd Apr 2017

Yea but they add a little bit more danger (since you don't know when they will spawn) and the chance for a paragon chest. When our population grows stronger I'll bump them up again so we can get level 6 maps again. Those include mini-artifacts
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25th Apr 2017

I think what the OP meant was there should be something more to draw players to these unvisited but interesting places. I wholeheartedly agree, there are many places which are sadly never used, simply because there is no real reason to go there since other spots are much, much more lucrative. Perhaps some new quests would be the way to remedy this? I would gladly try to come up with some quest ideas if there's a possibility they could be implemented. Something like: a random orc lord in the forest (or a static location, whatever is easiest/most practical) opens a dialogue with you instead of attacking you. He says "Human! I see you strong. You help me, I give you shiny thing. My clan wars with Duwjgrw. Defeat Duwjgrw Orc Camp at Yew. Powerful thing I give you after" something like that and after killing all the orcs there, you either return to him or he shows up and gives you something, a named orc helm or something cool, not too powerful but unobtainable anywhere else. I know that would make me go there, for sure.
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