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19th Nov 2017

Would staff consider bringing in Cu Sidhe's? They are large rideable wolves that can come in a variety of colors. Their stats are worse than that of the current raging phoenix so I dont see them as broken. Would probably want to remove the "self heal and owner heal" part of their AI though. I'd request they be 2 slot pet with that nerf in mind. They dont have pack instinct, but I think it'd be neat if they were given wolf pack instinct.

OSI standard they are a 101.1 tameable. I'd like for them to fall in the 100-110.1 range personally.

I cant think of a specific roll they could fill where other pets could not. If made 2 slot they'd be contending for the slot of a blood steed (best 2 slot mount currently) which has magic whereas these do not.  I could see the need to "tone them back" from OSI stats so that it's not a too powerful combo with evo's etc. Maybe something like:
  • 700-850 HP
  • 600-800 Str
  • 150-250 Dex
  • whatever mana
  • whatever int
  • 60 AR
  • Damage: 16 - 22
  • All GM on skills.

That'd spot it somewhere between blood steed and furious/glacial ostards in my opinion. ... _Sidhe

(Full disclosure.....I want a "wolf" mount that matches my wolf evo and wolf pack on my RP pirate toon lol
Joined: 5th Jun 2017
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19th Nov 2017

As a note-

The allure of the Cu in standard OSI servers is that it's the only pet that can heal itself (and owner if unmounted). This makes them the preferred choice in most situations as pet (over greater dragons, or anything).

With evo's having that as an ability point,that's why I suggest it be taken out.
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