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3rd Jun 2017

In the popular massively multi-player on-line game,  Ultima Online, the canon regarding the Gem of Immortality is expanded upon. In the introductory sequence of the game, Mondain is shown drawing power from the gem, which appears crystalline in structure and contains an image of Sosaria embedded within it. When the Stranger shatters the artifact, each shard is shown to contain an identical image - creating a network of fractured alternate universes patterned after the original land.

Within the game, these shards of the Gem represent a quantum multiverse consisting of many copies of Sosaria, each with their own past, present, and future. The term shard, in Ultima Online (and by extension, many of the other MMORPGs that followed), is used to describe an instance of a game world in a server, and the narrative of the gem's sundering provide's a cosmological explanation for multiple servers with their own unique people and history and gives reason for Ultima Online's divergent history as it relates to the main series. In this canon, "  freeshards" also exist, which are instances of the game world not run by  Electronic Arts and available for free play.
Let's take this a little bit further. These "shards" are loosely policed/ monitored by a Powerful and Mysterious group of folks called the "Time Lords". They generally DON'T interfere (looking at you Abra) so long as a world meets a certain balance. On some worlds Chaos seeths and lurks while Order reigns. Chaos has never been defeated, ever, and that should be understood. 

But there are other worlds... wrecked and devastated worlds where chaos reigns and Order can find no foothold. That also is to be expected... the Time Lords saw the big picture, and saw there was a balance overall. 

Recently the Time Lords have noted a shift... more worlds ruled by Chaos that by Order and have come to an unorthodox solution. They have approached Abra about putting together a powerful team of adventurers to journey to some of these worlds and beat back the Evil that has overtaken each land... restore a balance on these worlds and maybe find out what is behind this surge of Chaos. 

Now Towns and anything we normally know as a guarded area is currently "unguarded" and would need not only cleared out... but the materials for the townstone would need to be collected from the monsters to rebuild it and establish a guarded region... then and only then (it'll even take some time) will the vendors return and some sort of basic (one town) normalcy will return. 

Not everything can pass thru the portals between worlds. Additionally, a character can only traverse one of these portals once per week, or they suffer stat and skill loss, pets included.

Can Abra master the Eye of the Worlds and successfully choose the worlds to fix so we find the clues?
Can Abra master the difficult magics involved in the world gates (test subjects are reporting hair loss and erectile dysfunction)?
Can Abra find the Plucky band of adventurers to carry out such an immense task?

Tune in and chime in to find out or share you thoughts. 

Tell me again, where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?

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