Poll: Custom Drops in Group Dungeons
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Should loot be documented or kept a secret for the fun of discovery?

Yes tell me!
Nah keep it a secret, I enjoy finding new things!

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6th Aug

When I created the first group dungeon I thought folks would farm them to see what they could find, understanding that I had to keep the drop rates low to ensure repeatable content. However that doesn't seem to be panning out quite as much as I had expected. I'm glad to see folks doing them every once in a while, but I wonder if laying out just what is obtainable in each wouldn't spur interest a little more.

I've already mentioned some of the things, but I haven't given specifics. Not seeing loot drop one time could lead to the misconception that it doesn't drop at all. So I wonder, would it help to know the facts and figures or is it better to keep it a mystery and enjoy the discovery of new items?

I'll let the players decide. Bear in mind this will effect both current and future dungeons. Poll closes next Sunday
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12th Aug

Happy medium: Say how many items are rare and we can try to identify them on wiki.
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13th Aug

I guess I like the surprise of getting something new. 
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13th Aug

The nays have it. Good hunting
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