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30th Jan

Four of us managed to group up, but we got stuck in a loop of, "I dunno, what you wanna do?" since all the champs and poseiden(soloable) seem to be down. We could use something like the valor system(force a spawn to start), doom, ML dungeons or anything else that'll give a group of four tamers(there's ALOT of tamers now) something to do that we can't already do on our own.

Some ideas:
  • Poseiden: fill him with fishing decorations, raise his strength(i fall asleep soloing him), and lowerhis respawn to 5 mins
  • Navrey: no longer gives powerscrolls, now gives web decoration and veeerrryyy rarely gives special weapons. Also respawns in 5 mins.
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Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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