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3rd Dec 2017

I was thinking about the new copy-runebooks-pen item on the gold vendor, it's really useful and cool item, but, why anyone can use it?
I mean, isn't it more logical to give this feature to Scribers only? As they study for many years to achieve the mastery of books and pens, then they only can copy regular books which no one uses.
And if this option is already builded in the system, why not to upgrade it into runebooks-copying for Scribers and remove the pen from the gold sinker?
It opens an opportunity for Scribers to make another coin and something unique to their skill, instead of everyone being able to copy books.
Any thoughts?

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3rd Dec 2017

We could add a skill check in there, but I think the idea was that only scribes can make a book where as anyone could copy a book. Even someone who can't read could copy a book. As for removing it from being a gold sink item, this is kind of a luxury item which is what gold sinks are all about. You could do the same thing with a little time and elbow grease, like we used to do back in the day.
Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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