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19th Dec 2017

I got an idea for a quest or like a sea dungeon that you can enter only by sea, maybe you've like a little quest where you need to collect some items in the ocean (like MiB's with general locations), find them, fish them, assemble some sort of puzzle/map or a chest treasure that you'll need to give at the entrance and the NPC will allow you to come in.
Then inside you'll need to hunt for some sea boss that can drop a rare Bow (like the Black Thorn Sword), cause many fishermen are archers (just an idea, it can be something else as well). 

Not sure if it's possible, to create like an island, but you can't mark/recall there, and you must find the pieces and assemble the chest/puzzle/map or whatever it'll be before you can find the island, then you need to arrive by boat and enter into the island and from the island into this sea dungeon?

  • Firstly, it'll boost the ships crafting, something that no one is doing ATM, I think I'm the only fisherman. So it'll open a market for those and it's a high elite market for rich people only
  • Secondly, it'll give another option to do something else other than farming champs all day, new content.
  • Thirdly, as there's no much fishermen here, I think only like 2, it'll give people some other templates to work on except tamers, and it'll create something unique only to this template (like that area in Caverns for Thieves), and something interesting!
  • At the moment, there's nothing for archers, even the drop rate of good Vanq bows is low, I'm getting only low end Vanqs. So archers don't have anything special for them.

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