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7th Oct 2017

I am sure some of this has already been asked, but I couldn't seem to find it here in suggestions forum.
 1. Why is it that shrunk pets get locked out after being shrunk for a few days? I have never had this happen on any shard we have played on. It also seems that shrunk pets are not blessed. During town invasion last night I was killed and my beetle stayed on body. Maybe this was a bugged out one time thing or that's just the way it is.

2. Skill cap at 700 is perfect for almost all char setups, but with the introduction of power scrolls and the need for higher skill points to do certain things it causes you to drop skills that you really cant afford to drop. Even OSI increased the skill cap when PS were brought in.  Even though it was a small increase and depended on your account age, it was still an increase.

3. Stamina and Mana regen. This one I may just not be remembering very well, but they both seem to be very slow.

Have these been looked at, or is there a reason they are set up the way they are?
                     Thank you
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7th Oct 2017

Hi Ras - good questions

1. The pets basically lose loyalty after a short time while on their leash. The leash actually sets the max loyalty each time you shrink the pet.From that point the pet will steadily lose loyalty until it eventually goes wild, which is when the shrink item displays "the pet is lost forever". It is best practice not to store pets in this way long term. Pets are not blessed because there needs to be risk involved in all aspects of the game.

2. You are given 10 characters to manage how you see fit. You may need to make some choices. That said, we are also still in year one, so there's nothing saying that couldn't be a vet reward down the road. Will need to think about it.

3. There have been no modifications made to regeneration.
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8th Oct 2017

Actually I like the combination of new ideas and old game mechanics. Thinking about how would a pet leash have worked back then it absolutely makes sense how it is.

I'd like to have more character slots or accounts to have more specialized chartemplates, but a skillcap of 700 is okay for me. Just means no allroundchars...
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9th Oct 2017

First of all, Welcome to the shard!

Secondly, 700 points skill cap is legit and makes it more intresting when deciding which skills to boost and which to drop, there's always skills that you can sacrifice more than others. Plus, it gives oppertunity for multiple game styles.
At the beggining I was pissed off about that as well, but as time goes by, I found it's working fine... I've 5 chars and 4 of them with multiple PoweScrolls.

About the pets, it's just part of the game, make it more fun when you are at risk

Character slots? I really don't see any reason of having more than 2 accounts with 5 chars on each, it's plenty enough for any type of game play.

And you're welcome to join us on Discord:

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20th Oct 2017

I think we should get a 720 skill cap, this way we can 120 6 skills.
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