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Lower the BOD timer?

NO keep it the same.
yes Lower it to 2 hours
Yes lower it to one hour

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21st Oct 2017

I love doing smithy bods, the problem is at with such a small population it is almost impossible to ever get anything on here above a bronze hammer. I used to run over 100 smiths every 3 hours waaay back on Hybrid, and I had over 500 people to trade with and it still took me over 6 months to get a valorite runic hammer. With the 2 account limit and the small player base I think it would help out to lower the bod timer to like one hour. Getting the color ore is a while different task that will take weeks to fill one Valorite bod. 
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21st Oct 2017

Funny you should mention this - one of the updates this week is to allow players to receive a new BOD upon BOD turn in. So really how long it will take between BODs will now be up to you.
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22nd Oct 2017

Can I like this 1000 times?

Although, I just turned in like 21 [e cry
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