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19th Dec 2017

Along the same lines as the Kudos idea, I've been considering more and more the possibility of adding some sort of incentive to the vote stones to help entice folks to remember to vote daily. Voting is the single biggest source of new players and it is critical that we all vote every day to show up on the radar. 

So what if there was a chance, albeit a small one, to receive something each time you double clicked one of those stones? There'd of course be controls in place to prevent macroing, but the idea would be to try to limit it to once a day per IP address. 

Another option might be a 100% chance to receive a raffle ticket with a drawing taking place once a month.

Tell me what would keep you voting and what kinds of incentives you'd like to see from that.
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19th Dec 2017

Another great idea Abra, advertising and promoting us on these sites is our main income for new players... I feel like everyone of us should care enough in order to vote, but I keep forgetting my self to vote sometimes.
So something like this to motivate people, can be really cool and I'm sure more people will vote and help to promote us, after all we all benefit from more/new players.
Maybe you can combine it with the Kudos? if someone is online already, he might do some voting on the way. Plus, the raffle ticket to win some unique one of a kind item? defiantly can be legit.

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Forum » Discussions » Suggestions & Ideas
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