Item Identification (Magic Properties)
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Prefix Bonus   Prefix Bonus   Prefix Bonus
Magic Armor
Durable +5 to Armor HP   Defense +5 to AR      
Substantial +10 to Armor HP   Guarding +10 to AR      
Massive +15 to Armor HP   Hardening +15 to AR      
Fortified +20 to Armor HP   Fortification +20 to AR      
Indestructible +25 to Armor HP   Invulnerability +25 to AR      
Magic Weapons
Accurate +5 to Weapon Skill   Ruin +1 Damage   Durable +10 to item HP
Surpassingly Accurate +10 to Weapon Skill   Might +3 Damage   Substantial +20 to item HP
Eminently Accurate +15 to Weapon Skill   Force +5 Damage   Massive +30 to item HP
Exceedingly Accurate +20 to Weapon Skill   Power +7 Damage   Fortified +40 to item HP
Supremely Accurate +25 to Weapon Skill   Vanquishing +9 Damage   Indestructible +50 to item HP
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Forum » Discussions » Everything Else
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