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9th Oct 2017

We've all had at least one moment while playing this game that got our heart pounding, our palms sweaty, and our hands shaking. Whether it was a thrilling fight for your life, a daring escape from a PK, an important or valuable item you thought for sure you had lost, or something else, one can't help but get wrapped into the moment and feel it in real life. So I want to hear your scariest UO story! Something that actually happened that scared you in real life at any point while playing Ultima Online.

Things to include: What server were you playing on? How long ago was this? What happened and why did it scare you?

Stories will be judged by Mrs Abra based on scariness factor, amount of details provided, and story craft. The winner will receive this very special Bloody Ethereal Horse:

 Please post your story to this thread no later than 11:59pm EST 10/21/2017. Winner will be announced 10/22/17.
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9th Oct 2017

My scary multiple moments.. While visiting Terathan keep and dying many times in hopes that I can make it back to my corpse before it's gone . Again
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9th Oct 2017

I first started back in like 98 on Catskills. I was a miner and back then you had no forges to smelt iron in at the caves. You had to drag the piles to the closest house that had one you can use. It was late on Christmas eve and I had been mining all day, I had quite the pile of ingots ready to sell (this was how I started making gold). I was smelting my ore in a house out by the caves north of Brit and when I got inside, a guy appeared named "Noel" and he stands in the door and says "for Santa" and attacks me with a bow. "for Santa" and continues to shoot me. I cannot leave the house, or fight back..he had to have been a new character because it took him forever to kill me.. he just kept saying "for Santa".. over and over till I was dead. It was the first time I got PKed and it was creepy. For Santa...For Santa...For Santa...For Santa..
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10th Oct 2017

Dawn breaks. Your eyes shift into focus as you come into consciousness lying on a plain but comfortable bed inside a large tavern in a city called Britain. Sitting up on the bed, you find that you are plainly dressed- a shirt and long pants with simple shoes to complete the set. Lifting the bag next to your bed you find a dagger, a candle, and a book. "What happened" you think to yourself as you stand and stretch your feeble limbs. You feel a great sense of emptiness- like your experiences are a blank slate. Walking out of the door to your room you notice a calendar on the wall. "Lake Superior, 2001" it reads. "Hrmph, at least I know the year if nothing else" you smirk.

Stepping outside- you find a city bustling with activity. Merchants shout their wares and shifty eyed thugs in the corner eye you over. They must figure you have nothing of value, because they vanish in shadow as you walk the other direction. "I might as well figure the lay of the city out" and strike off to the north. You pass a bakery, a theater, and a musical institute. As you walk you notice that you tire quickly, especially if a careless passer by bumps in to you.

You find yourself at the edge of the city. Nearby is a blacksmith shop with several individuals placing orders for armor repair and crafting orders. You walk to the group and ask where you might find the local bank. A warrior moves forward with a disarming smile. "Just keep going north" he states "It's not far up that road". You give him your thanks and strike off; wondering if that was snickering you just heard from the group or not.

A short while later, you come to a cemetery. Thinking it odd, but curiosity overpowering caution you step through the gate. "I was told it was right up this road- I just have to keep going". It's not until you've passed several markers that you notice them. The undead. Zombies, skeletons, and specters with shifting forms. You stop in place, your blood freezing in your veins. You dont understand......every fiber in your body is trying to move, but you cannot! The dead are turning inward now- all of them aware of your presence. From the specters hands comes a fireball hurtling toward you. The heat sears your lungs as the flame engulfs you and suddenly you stumble to move again. Heart pounding you take off in a sprint. Your body screaming in pain but knowing you cant stop- you must get out of there!

A few minutes of running and you find yourself deep within a forest. You think you've lost the undead.....and its a good thing. Your body is shaking with fatigue and you cannot take another step. You sit on a log to try to catch your breath and remember where town was. In your blind panic you've lost track of what direction you've gone. From behind you hear a deep grumbling. Turning see an ogre standing in the clearing just behind you. You stand and start backing away slowly and you hear the "hhhiiiisssssyyyttthh" of a lizard man off to your right. As if in answer- you hear the cawing of harpy. The tears forming in your eyes blur the form of the ratman that steps around the tree- striking you in the chest and opening a wound from neck to navel. You drop to your knees. Slumping forward; you think to yourself "I only wanted to know where the bank was" as the world fades to black.

That was 16 years ago. I've roamed the forest north of Britain ever since. I shout at all those I come into contact with. "DONT GO FORWARD! THE BANK IS THE OTHER WAY"

The above was my very first experience with UO. My brother owned the account. He would play it for hours on end that summer in my moms classroom because we didn't own a computer and the school had internet. He eventually let me create a character on his account because I wanted to know what he was up to. The only thing he told me was "Go to the bank after you make your dude- someone will usually give you free stuff there to help you get started"

It's crazy to me that all these years later I can remember my first hour on Ultima Online: Running for my life from all these creatures. I rage quit for about a month after that. I told him it was stupid that you just get dumped into this game with no warnings, rules, tutorials etc. But its that very thing that has had me coming back ever since.
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11th Oct 2017

It all began in the Autumn of 2002, on my first shard called ZuluHotel, first time my friend introduced me to this new game. It looked so cool; my first big world game where you can run freely, craft your own armor, build your own house, collect random and rare artifacts.
At the time, I didn't know anything... what to do, where to go, standing all naked in my underwear and by myself near the West Britain Bank. I saw players running around; some powerful knights on a dark horse wearing a shiny armor, other players with glowing clothes and magic wands in their hands making some weird noises and casting spells, people walking with scary big dragons behind them. Where the hell am I?
You know nothing Shiva, I said to myself... What is going on here?

After a while standing at the bank, running in circles trying to get some attention and understand what to do and where to go, I started to yell at random people asking for help.
Suddenly, some lord approached to me and said "Fear no evil young Shiva", he gave me a sack of gold, a long sword, some bandages and said "Go to the North son, where the paved road meets the dirt road, you will follow the path and you will find a graveyard. Hit the `TAB` button when you get there", he said.
Say what? A graveyard sir?
The lord replied, "Go there and hunt for some undead creatures, collect gold and armor and start your new journey as you grow from a child into a man".
Thank you, my lord, I said, and he whispered in return "May the `In Lor` be with you my child". Then, before I even realized what was happening he mumbled "Kal Ort Por" in some foreign language and vanished into the thin air.

Well, now I'm all alone again. To be honest, I was afraid. Should I leave the only place I know and recognize and start my new journey as the lord said? Should I stay or should I go?
My hands were sweating, my legs were shaking, but this wasn't going to stop me. I collected myself together, I grabbed my sword and started to walk into the unknown territory, to the North shall I go then!
Of course, it sounded so easy as I started to walk barefoot on the cold stone path, with only my underwear under my belt and a sword in my hand. As I marched my way out of this crowded place full of people, the voices and the sounds of the bank started to fade away the further North I went.
Finally, I arrived to the crossroad as the lord said. As I'm stepping onto the grass some message alerting me on the side of the screen: "You've left the protection of the town guards". My heart started to beat faster as I could feel the danger in my bones. As I walked further from the city and into the forest, the lights of the city faded away along with the sounds.
I reached the graveyard, and now the only thing between me and a zombie standing in the dark corner was a wrought iron fence. I hit the `TAB` button, went into a WAR mode and rushed to fight this undead creature. Then some skeletons came out of nowhere and started to attack me. I was pumped on adrenaline while fighting those creatures.
After a while, I started to feel stronger. I collected some gold, some armor, and my strength and dexterity were boosted. I killed them all and continued to work the cemetery for hours, collecting every piece of armor, weapon and gold I could find.

I had gold fever! I was so overwhelmed with all the glory... I decided to try my luck further into the woods. After all, I had a taste of a great success and a great victory. I felt stronger than ever with my new shiny plate armor.
With a full bag of gold and loot I entered the deep forest, heading north to another part of unknown lands, hunting for some harpies.
After hours and days of playing and hunting, I finally discovered a new place. Behind the big mountains there was a dungeon named "Despise". This place was full of trolls at the entrance and ettins inside.
I was confident enough to try this out. After killing all the trolls I enter inside to explore this mysterious underground dungeon. I played for a while and hunted those ettins and earth elementals unttil I saw some player running around with a red name, and out of nowhere it happened! I didn't even have a chance to realize what was happening before my screen went black and I was dead. He looted my stuff, my gold, the new armor and my weapon, everything I worked so hard to collect.
I started to wander around to find my way out. After about 20 minutes I finally found a wandering healer and he resurrected me.
And there I was, just as the first day I started, standing naked and alone in my underwear.

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12th Oct 2017

It was a moonless November evening, a little warmer than usual, but you still needed a jacket to take a walk. I was living with my mom in a small two bedroom house smack dab in middle-of-nowhere West Virginia. Mom was working the afternoon shift at Kroger, and it was truck day. As a department head she always worked really late on truck day. I didn't have my license yet, and I was thoroughly enthralled with my newest obsession. I was logged in to Ultima Online, Atlantic server, and I was minding my own business in a cave near Minoc. Dialed up with my 28.8k external modem, and my Voodoo5 video card was churning out a solid 17fps to my 17" CRT monitor all wrapped up in an HP Pavilion chassis. Nothing but the best.

Mining was something that was new to me, and the life of a crafter appealed to me. Making wares to help other players triumph the evil forces that roamed the lands. It was a grand idea, an idea that was quickly dashed. I had made my way to becoming a Journeyman blacksmith, and had a few wares to sell. I was quickly laughed at and called a "noob" when I revealed that my smithing skill was not yet Grandmaster level. People refused to let me repair their gear. It was a hard life. Nevertheless I plugged along, mining and smithing my pathetic less-than-grandmaster level gear. Smelting it back in to ingots, and using those ingots to continue learning my craft. So concludes my brief history in this world. Let us return to the night in question.

In game, it was a special night. I was so close to finally becoming a Grandmaster miner. My skill was slowly ticking up. My last gain was about twenty minutes prior, 99.2. I could taste it. My first Grandmaster skill. My blacksmith skill was another story though. Gains seemed to have stopped completely when I hit 80 skill. I did learn from another player and had only been crafting during my power-hour and I was trying to save enough ingots to last the entire hour. I was burning through them at an exceptionally fast rate though. Maybe all of this is when the gains seemed to have stopped. I heard that tell-tale sound, and saw the little flash on my character. My power-hour had begun! Instead of doing any smithing, I decided to continue mining in order to finally achieve Grandmaster in a skill. The caves of Minoc were rich with ore tonight, and not another player was in sight. My pack horse was empty, and my backpack was full of picks. I was ready for this.

My pick cracked against the rocks. Ore was flowing like water in to my pack, and then in to my pack horse. Off to the forge to smelt the ore. What was this green ore that I had found? Verite? It looked fancy. I had 6 large ore, and based on my experience that should yield me 12 ingots. I wondered what I would craft with it. Should I save it until I was a grandmaster blacksmith? I went to smelt the ore, but failed and now the stack of large ore was down to 3. Half of my ingots were lost! I smelted again, and failed again, but there was hope! A skill gain! 99.3 mining! I continued to smelt my ore and returned to mining the caves. I found a few more ore veins that I had seen before. Some dull copper, shadow, and bronze, of which yielded me a few gains. My skill was now 99.7, but the hour was half way over now. Would I be able to finish? I smelted down the ore that I had gathered, and watched the gains tick in... 99.8 from the shadow... 99.9 from the bronze... No more gains. I greedily returned to the mines, more motivated than ever to grandmaster my first skill. Come on 100 I said with every swing of the pick. I saw a new message appear. I had mined some valorite ore. It was a shade of blue I had not yet seen. I was excited. I was also afraid. What if I failed while smelting it like I had the verite? I continued mining. A few more valorite ore, but not many, four total. Still not a grandmaster miner. I only had fifteen minutes left in my power-hour, my pack horse was full, and my backpack was full. It was time to smelt again. I made my was through all of the iron ore, and then worked my way up all the way until all I had left was my newly obtained valorite. Against my better judgement I decided to smelt it. Your skill in Mining has increased by 0.1%. It is now 100.0%. I had finally done it! On top of that I had successfully smelted my valorite ore! I was on top of the world. Elated I sat back in my chair and gave a hearty well deserved stretch. That's when I heard the noise...

It sounded like a car outside. It was really strange especially that time of night on a Saturday. What would someone be doing down my driveway at this time of night? Mom isn't due to be home for hours. I got up and looked out my window towards my driveway. Nothing but darkness. I sat back down at the computer and decided it would be smart to head to the bank and tally my ingots to see if I had enough to work on blacksmith during my next power-hour. At this point I realized my pack horse was missing. I panicked. I ran back towards the cave to see if it had wandered off. I found its corpse. I thought maybe a wandering ogre had decided to have an easy dinner, but the corpse was picked clean. My ingots were gone. Thankfully I had kept the valuable ingots on my person. I saw a name appear on the screen. It was bright red and angry looking. The name read Timothy, and it was accompanied by a guild abbreviation and title. The abbreviation read IKY, and the title was "I Kill You!" I thought to myself, this isn't going to end well. I tried to run, but Timothy paralyzed me! Vas Ort Flam, Kal Vas Flam were the words of power above Timothy's head... BANG BANG BANG someone was pounding on my window. I jumped out of my seat as my character was engulfed in flames and my screen went grey.

I ran to the window to see who or what had made me soil myself. I was angry with whoever it was, because it was their fault that I had died... I was young and wanted to blame someone. There was nothing that anyone could have done to save me. I was dead the minute Timothy saw me, I just didn't know it yet. Outside of the window was only blackness. I sat back down at the computer to watch Timothy picking my corpse clean. Throwing the last few picks I had on the ground, and taking my most prized possessions from my corpse. My valorite ingots... I felt my heart sink. A solid SMASH came from my window, it was so hard and loud that I was surprised that the glass didn't break. I look over at the window and there is a red smear down what looks like a hand print. I'm not screwing around with this anymore. I grab my shotgun and run for my front door.

I dashed out in to the driveway with my over/under 20 gauge ready to do some intimidation. I don't keep my firearm loaded, while I did grab two shells, just in case. I'm not stupid. I hear a voice call out, "Oh shit! Is that a gun!?" I hear a car door slam, followed by another, and the familiar sound of tires losing traction on gravel. I go to my window to assess the damage and find what was smashed against it. A donut, not just any donut, a raspberry jelly donut. What a waste of a perfectly good donut. I grab the hose and wash the jelly from the glass and side of the house when it dawns on me. I recognized the voice that I heard.

I pick up the phone and I call my "friend" Seth's house. His mom answers and gives me a ration of the smelly stuff for calling at such an hour. Having only met her once, and not being given the chance to properly introduce myself on the phone I took advantage of the situation. I ask her if she knows where her son is. She got suddenly silent at the question. I hung up the phone. I wasn't going to rat him out. I would let him hang himself, I just set the rope up for him. About thirty minutes later my mom starts coming down the driveway and sees me outside with the shotgun propped up on the porch, and the garden hose still out. She jokingly asks if she should get a shovel and a bag of lye. I enlighten her to the events of the night, and asks me if I knew who the other person was. I told her that it could only be two people, Seth and Brian. Seth and Brian were thick as thieves, and Brian was the only one of the two that had been to my house. It just so happens that he lived right down the road. By right down the road, I mean it took us twenty minutes to drive there.

Mom ran in to the house and came out with a paper Kroger bag with what sounded like a few metal cans in it and told me to get in the car. I asked her why, and what was in the bag. She said we're going to Brian's to see if those punks are there. Low and behold there was Seth's car in Brian's driveway. Mom being quick on the jump started grabbing at the cans and parked across the road from Brian's house. Silly string and shaving cream. This was going to be fun.

I said to Mom; "OK innocent until proven guilty. If the car is cold, we leave, OK?" Mom nodded in agreement. We sneak across the road and through Brian's yard, around the back of his house being sure to avoid the motion sensor light. I motion all spec-ops like for Mom to stay put. I mission-impossible my way to the front of Seth's car. I hear a sound sweeter than the sound of that ore smelting to grandmaster my mining. The ticking and pinging of a cooling engine. I place my hand on the hood above the radiator just to be sure. It's hot! I spec-ops-like hand signal Mom to join me. She tries to come over mission-impossible style, but it looks like like drunk-softball style. She trips and falls and the motion sensor light is triggered. We quickly douse the old, boxy, dookie brown grand prix in a flurry of silly string and shaving cream. No sounds from inside the house. No one has noticed the light, or they aren't paying any attention to it. This is when I get bold.

I motion for Mom to head back to the car, she does. I check to see if any of the doors are unlocked. Bingo, passenger side. Thanks Brian. I write Jelly Donut in shaving cream, slam the door, and run for our car. The porch light comes on behind me. I hear the screen door open, and then slam shut a few seconds later. They had to have heard me running. I don't know if I was seen. I hear Seth yell out as we are pulling off. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but having it piping hot that same night tasted pretty damn good to me.

They knew that the car thing was me. Pretty obvious when I wrote jelly donut... We had a chat about it, and decided that we were even and had a truce. They had no idea that I had made a phone call that night as well. Caller-ID was a thing then, but Seth's family hadn't gotten with the times yet. I lucked out on that one because I had forgotten to block my number when I made the call. When I heard he lost his car for a week because his mom figured out he wasn't home, that was the real jelly in the donut for me.
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21st Oct 2017

Disclaimer: Pardon my english, it is not my first language

For full effect play this while you read. ... _mhRkkfc&t=8803s

This story takes place long ago when Ultima Online was an unforgiving place and death a certainty for those caught unaware. In a cold and damp basement sad a child. Chained to the basement of his own volition he sought comfort in the glaring light of the screen, fulfilling a purpose, reality could not provide. Day in and day out the child laboured. Then one day he realized that he had unknowingly obtained what he sought. He was however still a child, ignorant of the greed and indifference of some men.
It was not much, but it was his own, his first real home, not like the small trammel thing located in the middle of a swamp that he had gotten for a penny. Although he kept his old house, he never went there again.
Land was hard to come by in trammel and though he had heard of the dangers of Fel he thought that if he just went far enough in to the wild, to put down his house, no one would ever find him. In the beginning, all was fine. He would spend hours looking and admiring all the rares he had collected, carefully rearranging them throughout his home.
It had been a crappy grey day. His classmate had been even more vicious then usually. He had only found peace in daydreaming about how he would spend his night at the forge. All the mining had paid off and he would have enough ingots stored away to master the craft.
The bell rang signalling the end of another tortures day at school. When he got home his granny sat waiting for him. He had forgotten all about her. Homework, bloddy homework he thought. If only he had known how crucial those hours would been. If only he had not been forced to sit through dinner.
Finally he was free. He leapt down the stairs, flicked on the computer, logged on. Finally, he could get back to what really mattered, the forge!
Emerging on the roof of the bank, he recalled to his house excited to get back to his beloved forge.
In a split-second everything went wrong. Spells erupted from everywhere. He had been blown to pieces. Confused and with adrenalin coursing through his body the kid panicked. He did not understand. What could they possibly want? Then casually as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened one of the murderers said, “It should fall any minute now”. Fear ran through his already shivering body, if he did not act quickly he would lose everything. He ran for a wandering healer, recalled back, only to find a fireball turning his world grey again. If only he had some armour and regents he could make it. He opened the help menu and asked to be teleported to Britain. In agony the seconds ticked by while he stood there wishing he was not too late. Woosh! He was in Britain. He quickly gathered the best spare gear he had and got ready. He braised himself for what would become his final attempt at saving his entire fortune. “Kal Ort Por”. He ran! “An Ex Por”. He reached his doorstep when it hit him. He was paralyzed. The screen turned grey once more.
It was over, there was nothing he could do. In vain he ran for the healer, but every time he got near to his home he would be killed.
He sat there trembling, frustrated and angry.
Then it happened, his house disappeared and with it everything he had worked so hard for. One by one he saw his treasures stolen by strangers.
He turned off the computer and went to bed, crushed. Thus, on the shores of Lake Superior on a school night like so many he would come to learn that some would take everything you hold dear from you, simply because they can.
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