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THIS IS NOT MY GUIDE, courtesy of "iceman2kx" [July 4, 2013] via "sunfiregt"

Just kind of an all in one guide for everyone so you don't have to search around anymore. If you see some better method that you KNOW will work, post and I'll edit later. ( and MUCH has been edited, including removing a couple skill gain myths that I don't believe are true )

0 – 65 make Cure Potions
65 – 85 make Greater Cure Potions
85 – 95 make Greater Poison Potions (Much cheaper)
95 – 100 make Greater Poison

Anatomy "Weaponry"
Will raise as you raise the healing skill or weapon skills. Additionally make a macro using the anatomy skill on a NPC that doesn't move much and loop it.

If you do not need Anatomy for Weaponry purposes then you can macro Anatomy on players. In your macro menu use "Use Skill = Anatomy, Last Target" and macro it on a target.

Animal Lore
Find an animal that you can tame and macro "Use skill = Animal Lore, last target" on that object.
Even a bird trapped in a house will GM you.

Archery "Weaponry"
Use it. Most efficient way I found was to go to deceit and kite rotting corpses around as they are slow, have tons of HP and do not cast magic. Eventually if you do this long enough a paragon rotting corpse will spawn. You may kite this all the way to the bard room and sit back for EASY gains. Just make sure you let them know you kited it, these guys can get cranky.

You can also macro this unattended, but it can be a little tricky. On your archer loop a macro to equip " bow " which means, equip a bow, right click it and ' use item type '. Also incorporate a healing macro on account 2 in that same macro. On account 2, AKA the meat shield, have a macro looped to heal self. On account 3, your buddies account, have them loop healing onto the meatshield. This took me up to 95.0. Just have lots of arrows and bandaids ready.

Arms Lore
See that dagger in your pouch? Macro using "use skill = arms lore, last target" and macro on that. Will GM in an hour.

Animal Taming
Buy up to 30 from an animal trainer.
30 – 60 tame small animals, anything you can find. The Jholem farms work well for this one.
60 – 70 try to tame hinds, polar bears, snow leopards, and Grey/white wolves.
70 – 80 continue to tame the wolves, try maybe dire wolves, and add great hearts. Moonglow is best for these.
80 – 100 you can tame many different things but most of them will bite you. Most people will GM buy bulls in deluccia, some gm off white wolves, and others say hellhounds and lava lizards. Whatever works best for you, and where you can stay alive is what you need to be using.

Go to a place where there are a lot of NPCs and beg your little hearts desire. Doesnt take too long to GM. However, after you succeed from Begging from an NPC they will not let you beg from them again for 5 minutes. So gains are few and far between in a small NPC town.

0 – 35 I recommend you buy your skills. 350gp is a lot easier to get a hold of then the ingots you’ll be using to get up to 35.
35 – 45 Making ringmail. Start with the sleeves and work up to the legs and tunic.
45 – 55 Making heavy weapons. Start with heavy swords (long, broad, Viking) then add in krysses, and as you get mid 50s start with big two handed axes.
55 – 65 Making Short Spears and plate gorgets.
65 – 75 Making Long Spears and gorgetes.
75 – 85 Making plate sleeves and helms
85 – 95 Making plate legs.
95 – 100 Making Breast Plates.
100-120s You will use about as much ingots as you used to get to 100 so be prepared.

The following list is the most economical way to GM Blacksmithing, here is listed the skill you need along with the required materials.

0 29.1 Buy with Gold
29.1 49.5 Dagger 3 Ingots
49.5 95.2 S Spear 6 Ingots
95.3 106.3 P Gorg 10 Ingots
106.3 108.8 P Glove 12 Ingots
108.8 112.5 P Helm 15 Ingots
112.5 116.2 P Arms 18 Ingots
116.2 118.7 P Legs 20 Ingots
118.7 120.0 P Tunic 25 Ingots

Start by making arrows one at a time. Separate the logs in your pack individually and have a pile of feathers near by. Carve each log into shafts one by one, and then fletch the shaft into an arrow one by one. This should take you from 0 to 30.
Once at 30 carve bows from logs till you reach 40.
Once you hit 40 continue to craft bows.
Once you reach 60 in skill you’ll want to craft heavy crossbows. You can still gain off bows and regular crossbows still, but you gain faster with heavys.

0 – 50 Craft Mostly small boxes and crates, alternating with a few of the hardest item you can make at your skill level.

4-mid 50s craft trinsic or Vesper chairs
50 – 65 Craft Wooden shields mostly, alternating with a few large crates, plain thrones, and benches.
65 – 75 Craft same as 50-65, but maybe add writing desks.
75 – 85 Craft Gnarled Staffs and Quarterstaffs.
85 – 95 Craft Gnarled Staffs mostly..
95 – 100 Craft Gnarled Staffs mostly, but try to make easels, beds, or water troughs. That will gm you fast.

From 30 - mid 60 make local maps
mid 60 - 99.5 make world maps. making city maps will also work but I have found its slower
99.5 - 100, find Lv2+ treasure and decode by yourself.

Grab those raw fish steaks I know you all have laying around and cook them singly. Yay its so exciting!

Cooking is one of those skills that was left in the dark while developing it. Past about 60 skill you have few options to GM it quickly. So if you really want to be a cook be patient.

Detect Hidden
Grab yourself a few GM made trapped locked boxes and macro away.

Or you can just Macro "Use Skill = Detect, last target" and target the ground.

Evaluating Intelligence
Go into a store and use the macro "Use skill = Evaluating Intelligence, last target" Just macro that for and hour and you will gm.

Fencing "Weaponry"
Use it. Try sparing with a friend. (or self on seperate account) And heal each other so you gain that too.

Go to a dock and fish. If you dont want to do it yourself you can get something like EZmacros and record your fishing technique. Rinse and repeat!

Forensic Evaluation
Go to a place where there are usually bodies. I just did this at brit bank and targeted bodies that got guard whacked. Just macro "use skill=Forensic, last target." Should be no time till your GM.

Heal a ghost. I GM'd this way in a few hours from 50. Easiest to use your second account as a ghost. Make sure you macro ghost spamming letters every 3 seconds or so so he doesn't disappear.

Macro it (best in dungeon). I made a space bar macro for Hiding so whenever i would talk I would use it subconsciously and I gmed it without ever training it.

40 Train from NPC
40 – 50 High 4th level spells or low 5th level spells. I recommend recall because people will buy these from you.
50 – 60 Scribe high 5th level. I like to scribe mark spells because again people buy these.
60 – 70 High 6th level and low 7th level. I like gate travel scrolls because - well because of money.
70 – 80 7th and low 8th level spells. These scrolls will sell to vendors for like 200 apeice too so they are nice.
80 – 100 Summon elementals because they use less regs

If you do not have the resources to get to 50 by scribing recalls, then you can go to a provisioner NPC and buy their little purple books. Right something in the book and close it. Now use inscription skill on them and target the other book. You should be able to gain until 50 by copying the book back and fourth.

Item ID
Use that Dagger in your bag and macro "use skill = Item ID, last target" It will go fast.

Get a hold of 20 to 30 locked chests/crates (remember - not magic locked)
You will not be able to unlock GM made locked boxes so get crappy ones from a crappy carpenter.
Line everything up neatly and start at one end of your rows of chests.
Pick chest A, then B, and so on. You will GM before you know it

One way I was able to 95.0 easily was by having a carpenter the same skill as I was. I would have my carp make boxes at 30 skill and pick them until I was 40 skill and then my carpenter would be at 40 skill and so on and so fourth. Therefore, you are staying in a gainable difficulty.

You may use a tinker or a carpenter to craft the boxes ( a tinker with 50.0 skill and 0 carpentry can craft a lockable box )

*You can only reach 95.0 this way. After, you can GM by picking chests in dungeons, picking paragon chests, or picking chests from treasure maps.

Lumberjacking "Weaponry"
Use an axe while sparing. Or you can go chop trees!

Mace Fighting "Weaponry"
Use it while sparing with someone.

50-55 Mana Drain
55-70 Invis
70-100 Mana Vamp

If you're training magery & resist and do not want to macro healing your target, the best gains for both skills are:

50-62 Mana Drain
62-66 Invis
66-100 Mana Vamp

If you'd rather damage/heal for quicker gains:

50-65 Mind Blast
65-85 Energy Bolt
85-100 FS

This goes up on its own. If you need to GM it asap buy a wizards hat FROM THE MAGIC SHOP and macro equipping it over and over. This will GM med over night.

You cannot macro this for the most part unless you use a bot or some other evil thing. Just go to a mountain range and mine. If you want to keep your ore then go to places around Destard where they have forges set up along the mountain side. Make sure you can recall or something. Miners = easy pray for pkers. Check out mining guide for a sweet macro to make mining easier.

Go get a few instruments and macro "last object." Instruments break so make sure you macro this correctly ( use item type on razor )

Parrying "Weaponry"
Spar baby, spar!

Go to a bard and train your skill to 30ish
Macro peacemaking on yourself for a while
When that stops you can go to destard and make good money while you are GMing the rest of the few points. Or the bard room in deceit ^^

You can gm this skill of of one item
I would suggest using a piece of food because it doesn't corrode and its easier to target
50 use lesser poison
50 – 68 use normal poison
68- 100 use greater poison

I personally recommend making an alchy. It's killing 2 birds with one stone! I GM'd alchy from making poison kegs alone. Right now I'm leveling this up and have ~50 kegs of poison and Gpoison. You CAN macro more than one keg. Set up a simple macro to cure if poisoned. Then record just going through the motions of poisoning and clicking a piece of bread or dagger. Make sure you record yourself clicking mulitple kegs, and putting a 1 second pause in between them. I'm not an expert on making macros, but this is damn sure a lot better than doing 1 keg at a time, especially if you wanna go do something for an hour or whatever. Basically what will happen is a keg will empty and it will just move on to the next keg in the list. You could macro this on 20 different kegs from your bank if you want then go to sleep.

You will not GM this just sitting around
Go to Moonglow and provoke the bigger animals like bears and deer.
Then move to monsters that can bite back.
Go fight Dragons and make good change while your at it.


Start bard at 50 provo skill and go to a graveyard. Bring plenty of instruments. On the OUTSIDE of the fence, macro yourself provoking a skeleton or zombie on to yourself. You'll get to about 67 or so like this then start the same macro on a skeleton knight. ( can be found in graveyards as well, I preferred Jhelom) This will bring you up to about 87. From here go to deceit bard room and provo rotting corpses till GM. You can provoke the skeletons, zombies and skeletal knights in the bard's room in deceit as well.

Easy, simple, quick.

Resisting Spells
0 – 50 Fireball & Lightning
50 - 70 Mindblast or Mana Drain. Mana Drain doesn't gain you as fast but saves mana and Health.
70 - 90 Mana vamp
90 - 100 Mana Vamp

Go to Brit bank and get to see all the UO FOREVER L33tness!

One of the best ways to gain i have found:

Get a wooden box, Exceutioners axe, short spear, and long spear.
Put the shortspear in box and steal from 0 - 50.
Macro = Steal Target Short Spear, Drag back to box. Wait 10 secs, Loop.

at 50 replace short spear with long spear
75 repleace long spear with Ex axe

Skill Vs. Stone:
10 - 1 stone
20 - 2 stones
30 - 3 stones
40 - 4 stones
50 - 5 stones
60 - 6 stones
70 - 7 stones
80 - 8 stones
90 - 9 stones
100 - 10 stones


Buy skill to mid 30s
30 – 63 Start out naked/normal clothes.
After you pass 50 put your clothes back on in many layers (pants, skirts, aprons, robes, cape, hat, ect) and do the same thing you did to get to 50
60 – 80 with the clothes you have on add plate gorget and plate gloves or studded suit.
80 – 90 you will want to add plate arms some time soon.
90 – 100 take off all clothes and armor and just wear a chain tunic or closed helm.

Swordsmanship "Weaponry"
Use it! Spar with a buddy!

Tactics "Weaponry"
This comes from sparing!

0 to 33 buy skill
33 to 45 make plane dresses
45 to 55 make cloaks
55 to 75 make robes
75 to 99.6 make oil cloths
99.6 to 100 make studded tunics
100-120 You get to make studded tunics forever!

The following list has been suggested as the most economical way to GM tailoring. Listed is the skill needed along with the required materials.
0 33 Buy 330 Gold
33 49.7 Short Pants 6 Cloth
49.7 54 Skirt 10 Cloth
54 58 Fancy Dress 12 Cloth
58 66.3 Cloak 14 Cloth
66.3 74.6 Robe 16 Cloth
74.6 99.6 Oil Cloth 1 Cloth
99.6 103.7 Studded Gorget 6 Hides
103.7 107.8 Studded Bustier 8 Hides
107.8 112 Studded Armor 10 Hides
112 116 Studded Legs 12 Hides
116 119 Studded Tunic 14 Hides
119 120 Bone Legs 10 Hides, 6 Bones

0-30 buy skill
30 - 48 make keys and copy them
48 - 65 make lockpicks
65 - 90s rotate between lockpicks, heating stands, scales, and spyglasses.
90s - 100 Drop the lockpicks and just roate the three over and over till you GM.

Just macro it ever where you go.
After you get past the 20 skill mark you have to choose humans to gain.
Just macro this and you will be GM in no time.

I would assume you have animal taming and possibly pets. get your pets and make them fight each other.
Get your bandiads ready and heal.
Try doing something like 2 bears because they dont take too much health off each other.

May also attempt to rez dead bonded pet as well ( same concept as healing )

Wrestling "Weaponry"
Yes! The best skill ever! Just go bare fisted and attack everyone! Spar with friend as well.
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