Extended down time Sunday Oct 29th
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21st Oct 2017

There will be extended down time next Sunday the 29th starting when the server restarts in the morning to allow us time to complete some updates. I do not expect the shard to be down for very long at all and will communicate when it's back up on discord. Please make note of the following changes that will take place at that time.

  • A new shrink system has been created to fix the issue with shrunken pets going wild and being lost forever when shrunk for too long. This change however will require a wipe of all current shrink items (leashes, potions, etc). The new leash item will now have charges so that it becomes a more effective gold sink item. It is advised that you stable any pets prior to this update as ALL SHRUNKEN PETS WILL BE DELETED!
  • Due to pressure from PETVA (people for the ethical treatment of virtual animals), pet dye tubs will be globally deleted. 
  • Greater Dragons (even if stabled) will go wild. Unfortunately this means there will be no grace period between the release of Evo Pets and the extinction of tamable greater dragons. 
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