New Event: Picking Up The Pieces
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19th Aug 2017

Event Schedule: Fridays @ 9:00pm EST

Back  Story:

Mt. Kendall has erupted! Scholars were caught completely off guard by this historic and deadly event. Fortunately for the citizens of the nearby town of Minoc, the eruption spewed rocks away from the town and into a large nearby field. Scholars are eager to study this material and will reward anyone who turns in the pieces they find. 


In this event, black volcanic rocks will be spawned in a special arena created especially for this event. Players will use the [Event command to travel to the starting location up to 5 minutes prior to it's official start time. When the event starts, a teleporter will appear in the staging area and players will be able to enter the arena. 

Players will search the arena for black volcanic rocks (rock chunks) and pick up as many as they can. Once all of the pieces have been collected they will return to the staging area to turn in their rocks and receive their prize. But be careful, the area is known to be inhabited by all manner of creature and may be dangerous. Players are encouraged to act with extreme caution.


1-24 Rocks = a special ticket with your name, the amount collected, and the date/time
25 - 50 Rocks = a special statue (1 of 10 at random) with your name, the amount collected, and the date/time
50 or more Rocks = a specially hued sash with your name, the amount collected, and the date/time


1. This event is inspired by a similar event originally from Age of Valor shard. I give them credit for the idea, I just adapted it for my purposes and expanded on it a little. 
2. Once all participants have left the arena all rock chunks will be deleted globally, so don't bother trying to save them up. Do your best and try again next week.
3. Absolutely no macros are to be used to pick up rocks for this event. If I see it you'll be warned and removed from the event. A second occurrence will earn a 24 hr ban, and we'll see from there. Let's make it easy...don't cheat.
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7th Sep 2017

The schedule for this event has changed. We will now do it somewhat randomly whenever there are enough players online who want to participate. I'll go back and forth between this and the egg hunt as I see fit. Also the arena has been enhanced to spawn more and more difficult creatures the further in you go. So if you don't wish to risk dying and losing your belongings, you can always head back to the staging area.
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