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1st Jul 2017

Well it seems I may have over estimated the allotted space in our newsletter. Since I don't want to spam everyone with another attempt I thought I'd just post the content here so you can read the rest. What can I say, first time using that feature.



Greetings from UO Phoenix!
I'm very excited to write our very first bi-annual newsletter. It's been an amazing first half of the year and so much has happened I hardly know where to begin. We've certainly seen our share of trials and tribulations, but we have also overcome these challenges and have seen a lot of success. We're still young and growing as a community, but veterans will often tell you that being young and making that climb to the top is the best part. Where we go from here depends on our willingness to stay the course, continue to defeat challenges as they come, and persevere to great success!
Valentine's Day  - Defeated Putrid and his horde of daemons hellbent on ruining love and compassion in our world.
St. Patrick's Day  - Braved the cruel and lawless island of Buccaneer's Den in order to seek out mysterious rainbows and claim our fortunes.

Easter  - Vorpal bunnies invaded the farms of Britannia and nests could be found all over with colorful eggs inside.

New Custom Content
- Tons of new buyables!
- Clay crafting
- Wine Making
- Knitting
- Enhanced begging
- Enhanced fishing (SOS)
- Faction/Guild PVP everywhere
- Shard Referral System (coins + special rewards)
- Player matchmaking system
- Glacial and Furious Ostards
- Powerscroll Exchange System
- Loads of custom drops
- Minor artifacts for level 6 maps & paragons
- Directional Damage Procs for melee
Custom painting system
- Phoenix Plaza, our new free public vendor mall
- Enhanced forensics evaluation skill
- Slayer deeds as a bonus award for turning in monster contracts
- Companions available (non-combat vanity pets)
- New 5 man group dungeon - 
Blackthorn's Factory
Enhanced Poseidon fight
Our very own wiki 

Major Bugs Squashed
  • Gems/Scrolls/Potions dropping with 0 value - FIXED
  • Invasion system stopped working - FIXED
  • Pets casting invisibility periodically - FIXED
Contests Held
Post in-game pic on our  Facebook page - Winner Dewbacca - Prize 2 bottles of Desert Grove Oil & Balsamic  

Wiki post contest - Winners
  • 1st Place - Jambi      (5,000 donation coins)
  • 2nd Place - Jubei      (3,000 donation coins)
  • 3rd Place - None      (1,000 donation coins)
Since 3rd place went to no one, I have decided to award those coins to our scorekeeper for volunteering his time and services. Thank you Dewy!

Coming Soon!
  • Forensic Eval Phase 2 - Similar to monster contract deeds to seek out the victims and ultimately their murderers.
  • House Refreshing Butler - Pay Jeeves to watch the house for you and make sure it stays in good condition while you're away.
  • New Player Quests - A series of quests designed to enhance the new player experience and guide them through some of the great features of our server.
  • Tower of Fortune - Inspired by  a mini-game of the same name in Angry Birds, this completely custom exclusive content will allow players to risk a sum of cash for a chance at winning prizes.
  • 2-3 man group dungeon - Primitive Pass Excavation Site
That's just a taste of what's to come. So if you're an active member of our community, thank you for being a part of what makes UO Phoenix great! If you visited us once, we hope you'll come back and have fun with us. 
Looking forward to the 2nd half of our first year. 
With appreciation,
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