Path of Virtue Quest - Temporarily Suspended
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30th Nov 2017

I wanted to let everyone know that I have temporarily suspended the the Path of Virtue Quest due to a design flaw i discovered this morning. As it stood, if you were to collect one of the three meteorite fragments and turn it in you would have been rewarded the quest reward without having to do the prerequisite steps. This is a design flaw, I take full responsibility for it, and I will address it as quickly as I can.

What does that mean to those currently working on this quest?

For the time being you will not be able to turn in a quest item as I have despawned the gypsy. However this does not mean that your hard work thus far was for not or that you should not continue working on the portion of the quest you are currently on. The way I plan to address this is to simply change the order in which each segment is completed, putting the meteorite fragment at the front of the quest instead. This really amounts to a rewrite of the story line, and nothing more, but it'll still take me a bit of time and I hope to have it completed soon.

So please don't worry, just be patient and I'll get it fixed up right away. Thanks for understanding.
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