Special Prize Event - 15th of each month!
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13th Aug 2017

I'm pleased to announce a new regularly scheduled event known as "The Special Prize Event" (catchy eh?) to be held on the 15th of each month. Similar to the Easter Egg hunt, which we've done periodically in the past, players will compete to be the first to find the special prize hidden somewhere in the world. Unlike the egg hunt though, this prize could be anywhere, including dungeons or T2A and may even be located in a dangerous location, so be careful! This is a high stakes game of hide and go seek!

The start time for this event may vary as the day of the month will vary, but will be announced up to a week ahead of time. The date may also be rescheduled due to unforeseen events or holidays as needed, which will also be communicated.

Now for the good part, the possible prizes (rewarded at random):

  1. Ethereal Heater Shield
  2. Beard Restyle Deed
  3. Clothing Bless Deed
  4. Ethereal Skirt
  5. Ethereal Tunic
  6. Ethereal Robe
  7. Light's Rampart (shield)
  8. Phoenix Monster Statuette
  9. $10 Amazon Gift Card (must present ticket and email address to Abracadabra)
  10. $25 Amazon Gift Card (same as above)

Want to see an example of an ethereal clothing item? (Black hue on paperdoll)
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7th Sep 2017

Due to popular demand, this event is being reschedule to TWICE per month! Since dates can vary, I'm just going to try and find a time during the first and third week of each month where there's plenty of folks online to make it interesting. Good luck
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