New Champ Spawn: Fire Swamp
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12th Dec 2016

Champ Spawn: Fire Swamp
Champ: Hogger (yes, a reference from WoW)
Location: South West corner of Fire Island, due west of Hythloth

Stage 1: Mongbats
Stage 2: Rodents Of Unusual Size
Stage 3: Lightning Sand
Stage 4: Flame Spurt

This champ spawn is pared down and is meant to enable small groups to have a better chance at completing a champ spawn. All of the same powerscrolls can drop from this champ. As we grow in population, this champ may be decommissioned. 
Last Edit: 13th Dec 2016 by Abracadabra
Joined: 22nd Jul 2014
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26th Dec 2016

All champ spawns have been decommissioned indefinitely. But there is a champ out there, somewhere, ready to die and pass out powerscrolls....good luck
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Zipper 20th Jan
Any idea why the server closed?
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