New Dungeon: Sanctuary Caverns
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12th Dec 2016

There are currently two undiscovered dungeons in this game. I'm excited to see the first players find these new dungeons, but I realized that it might be nice to have an overtly new dungeon available for folks to enjoy in the meantime. So I've decided to make a new one. I have only just had this thought today, so I don't have many details except to say this - it will be entirely new. This means a new setting, new creatures, stealables, rares, the works. 

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15th Dec 2016

Construction has begun!
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20th Dec 2016

The new dungeon has been created and a gate has been opened (temporarily) at west Britain bank. Sanctuary Caverns is a large cave network filled with strange new creatures (either custom made or new to the server at least), including several new tamable creatures! Further work is being done to add additional features originally mentioned, such as stealables and rares, and I will announce here when those are finished. 

For now I hope you'll take the time to explore the new area and enjoy it. 
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26th Dec 2016

Very cool! 
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